Sony Pulls ‘Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophy’ Game From Store

Sony Pulls ‘Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophy’ Game From Store

Sony today pulled a game from the PlayStation Network that claimed to be the “easiest PS4 Platinum trophy,” allowing a player to earn one of the prized achievements by playing for just a few minutes. The game, called 1000 Top Rated, was online for two days before Sony yanked it.

1000 Top Rated tasked players with solving a series of sliding image puzzles and liberally tossed trophies their way for simple tasks such as starting the game. While the game’s trailer advertised that players could get their platinum trophy in one hour, players on YouTube posted walkthroughs that brought the time down to 20 minutes.

Games like 1000 Top Rated raise questions about quality control on the PSN and what measures Sony takes to approve games. Last year, a game with apparently stolen assets reached the store while games like Life of Black Tiger drew criticism for a lack of quality.

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  • I though the easiest was Infamous Second Son.

    I got that platinum without even trying ( Was actually a little miffed)

    • I got one for The Walking Dead (can’t remember if it was season 1 or 2) and didn’t even know I got it.

      • Yup. All my platinum’s are from telltale games… though Borderlands 2 was close, and Persona 5 is tempting me…

  • This game’s existence holds up a mirror to the perverted abomination that has become of game achievements.

    But the youtubers making money from walkthroughs, that’s an entirely other level of shit.

    To paraphrase Jim Sterling; We’ve scraped right through the bottom of the barrel, and there’s another shit-filled barrel right underneath it.

      • I think making them too damn hard is annoying, play x amount of time get to level 50 in MP its a bit shit.

      • I think trophies/achievements can become a gimmick when they are for just playing the game and completing trivial things like picking up the first collectable, finishing a mission or winning a match. They shouldn’t be participation ribbons, they should have more value as challenging things like collecting everything, finishing a campaign, winning a league, defeating bosses using a specific/weak weapon

      • Problem is the devs inserting easy achievements purely to increase sales. They are basically selling achievements, which cheapens the whole system.

  • Trophies/achievements are useless anyway. Unlesa they unlock content why even bother?

  • I used to be really attached to achievements & my gamerscore, often playing a game until long after I’d technically ‘finished’ it just to scrape out a few more points, sometimes buying titles I knew had easy ones to get & the worst part was ignoring games on other systems because they weren’t adding anything to my score.

    I can look back on it now and laugh but they had completely tapped into ‘that part of my brain’ & changed my gaming habits. My ‘Eureka’ or ‘wtf’ moment came whilst grinding in GTA 4 of all things (a game I can’t even stand) when I was driving a virtual person to a virtual restaurant just to get a few gamerscore. Turned it off there & then, went cold turkey & now I’m enjoying games much more on any platform (the fact so many awesome games now not on Xbox helps with this!).

    Not bashing people who achievement hunt, I totally get it – as do I get why people would have bought this. Shows full well that ‘not all platinums are created equally’ though.

    • I remember when a bunch of prople bought a truly crap avatar game for the easy achievements on x360.

      That’s several hours of their life they’ll never get back.

      • Yep for sure – that was one of the notorious ones too. I can’t lie and say I didn’t look at it in the store multiple times, luckily some far off distant remnant of logic was still working and prevented me from pressing buy but I can easily see how others did. Some of the rubbish games I played far longer than they deserve – Bourne Conspiracy on 360 being a good example – just to add a few hundred points to an arbitrary score.

      • That’s several hours of their life they’ll never get back.

        Avatar: The Last Airbender takes less than 5 minutes to get all the achievements.

  • What shits me about sonys trophy system: when you can’t remove games from the trophy list when you delete or sell the game. The trophy % is forever skewed because of games you don’t own anymore. Dumbest shit ever

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