StarCraft Remastered Comes Out August 14

Image: Blizzard

If you've been waiting for that Brood War remaster to see the light of day, good news: it's coming out in August.

Blizzard confirmed to multiple outlets today that StarCraft Remastered would launch on August 14. It's fairly reasonable as far as pricing as well: the whole package, which includes a remastered StarCraft and the Brood War expansion, will set you back $21.95. You'll need to activate the StarCraft Anthology on your account as well, but that's free and you can play through the original campaigns, sans some of the Remastered benefits, right now.

Improvements in the remaster include support for widescreen resolutions, limited remapping of keys, support for modern operating systems, new anti-cheat and online multiplayer systems. For the most part, however, the gameplay is the same as the originals, right down to the shitty pathfinding AI for Dragoons and scarabs that occasionally don't blow up.


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