Stargate Universe’s Series-Ending Cliffhanger Will Finally Get Resolved

Stargate Universe’s Series-Ending Cliffhanger Will Finally Get Resolved

Image: Cast of Stargate Universe (MGM)

The third Stargate series, Stargate Universe, ended after only two seasons and just 40 episodes. It also ended on a fairly big cliffhanger that has remained unresolved for six years. But an ending, and a new “season,” are coming in the form of a comic book.

Stargate Universe followed a exploration team on an ancient spaceship called Destiny, and their attempts to get back to Earth from billions of light years away. In the season two finale, the decision is made to put Destiny on a three-year, faster-than-light jump while the crew goes into stasis chambers. However, one of the stasis pods is discovered to be malfunctioning. Maths genius Eli Wallace (David Blue) volunteers to stay behind, believing he is smart enough to fix the pod before life support shuts down.

The fate of Eli will be resolved in a new Stargate Universe comic from American Mythology. It’s described as a sort of third season where “Eli races against time to repair his damaged stasis pod, [and] a new danger to the ship threatens the fragile plan meant to keep everyone alive.”

The comic, written by Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn with Giancarlo Caracuzzo doing the art, is titled “Back to Destiny” and will be out in the third week of June. While it may not be exactly as the show would have followed up the finale — the comics are officially licensed, but Stargate Universe‘s writers and creators aren’t involved — at least fans will be able to get some closure.


    • You realize the faulty ftl drive they ejected was likely salvaged giving the blue aliens FTL.

      • What?!? Come on… You can do better than that! That makes no sense, isn’t even remotely plausible. You can do better!

        I love a good theory based on vague & limited info 😉 but it’s got to be plausible and feasible. And unfortunately your idea totally contradicts far more than a trivial amount of canon information from SGU episodes. It doesn’t fit in at all with everything that that happened on the show.

        Sure, those guys were curious, fascinated & even obsessed with Destiny, but they were also quite advanced. They clearly had some form of FTL propulsion tech, as well as formidable weapons that the Destiny could not survive for more than a matter of minutes!.
        At the very end of the pilot episode we saw a small scout vessels fly away from Destiny WHILE it was in FTL―a remarkable and seemingly “impossible” maneuver (for a little ship like to even survive an attempt to exit Destiny’s active FTL window advanced and superior technology would be required).
        As the series progresses we meet those bizarre blue aliens and a number of their ships, at which point it becomes clear (based on design/appearance) that it was their ship that had been studying Destiny that we saw depart.

        Plus they were always showing up to threaten Destiny and the human crew, they even followed Destiny deep into another galaxy| They didn’t need some million year old, worn out drive from Destiny… LOL

    • Same. It’s such a pity, that happens with many shows. Universe had a lot of potential.

  • You know what needs a resolution? DEEP SPACE NINE! I know I know, they wrote a book… but lets get a goddamn new tv series netflix? A’ight?

    • Didnt he basically become an awesome black space jesus? Or was I so annoyed about the ending that I made this up in my own mind? Regardless, damn cool show!

      • Essentially yeah, with the promise he would return. DS9 was essentially one giant Space Jesus allegory.

    • What?!? Are you serious?!
      I mean, I would love more DS9! It was an awesome show, ahead of its time…

      But DS9 was probably the best, most completely resolved sci-fi series of all time! They began wrapping things up, tying up loose ends and dangling sub-plots half-way through the final season. I can’t imagine how they could have resolved it better without continuing the show (which I would’ve been delighted about, and still would be|).
      To say it needs a resolution is totally unfair and just silly; however, to say that we need more episodes, a movie or something: YES! I’m on board.

      DS9 shared a number of similarities with SGU actually―not the least of those being a luke-warm to cold reception from a number of franchise fans and a general lack of appreciation. Both series suffered from weak ratings as well as harsh criticism; they both broke the franchise’s mold/formula and moved to be a much darker, conflict ridden, space-opera/drama style of drama; and they both adopted a different mode of story-telling involving many very long story arcs and a multitude of subplots for all the leading roles and even a large number of recurring roles.

      I don’t know (or care much) about anyone else, but I have really enjoyed ST Discovery! Sure, it’s quite a departure from the trekkie norm, and there are issues with how it fits (or doesn’t fit) into the existing cannon and timeline. But the effects and the sets are beautiful; they’ve got some superb actors, and I really enjoyed the writing and story-telling thus far. They came up with some very creative and intriguing ideas.

      That’s not to say I would’ve love some more DS9…

      Or even better: a new Stargate series! I’d be happy with just about anything legit (so… NO comic books or animated series, NO web-only series with 10 minute episodes)! I STRONGLY prefer something “in cannon” it doesn’t need to bring back characters or story-lines of previous series―just don’t negate or erase 17+ seasons of quality sci-fi, there’s really no need for that. There are plenty of stories to tell with the Stargate that doesn’t destroy that legacy.

      • But DS9 was probably the best, most completely resolved sci-fi series of all time!

        Except for that whole ‘Sisko will return one day…’ thing they left dangling 🙂

        They even wrote a book sequel to it where he did. As per book standard, it’s not considered canon. They series finale was great, but given it’s now around 19 years since it ended, I’d love to see a 25th anniversary where Sisko came back, even as an old man with a message to an older Jake, even if it wasn’t permanently.

        They also left the whole Sisko thing dangling as a non resolved plotpoint as a symbol of unresolved faith, as Sisko was symbolic of the christ/messiah figure, his departure from the world, body and soul as Jesus did (and by extension, Mary later), would essentially never be resolved, eventually turn into a thing of legend and have to be taken in faith by people in centuries to come. (Although I’m not really a believer of the bible, it was interesting to see how they worked this interpretation in there).

        But that being said, any chance to see Avery Brooks act again would be amazing, but considering his health has gone right downhill in recent years means we won’t likely ever get that happen and god knows, noone, NOONE will ever be able to perform Sisko like he did.

    • If you will take anything you can get – watch stargate origins. You will wish you never said that after watching this 🙂

  • It started off like a rip-off of star trek voyager that they’d merged with the magic far away tree. That said im fairly sure they fired there writers at the end of season 1 and s2 was much better.

  • “Race against time” is the reason I stopped watching star gate in the first place. It is something like 90% of the way they move the plot forward

  • most people had already switched off by season 2. if only season 1 had been as good we could have had it around for a while.

  • Ah yes the cliffhanger that was “oh we just happen to have the exact number of pods for this random crew of people we have left. oh noes one just broke…”
    Was so unbelievably ridiculous.

  • As many completely crap shows as Netflix and the like put out, I really think this would be a great candidate for them.

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