Super Mario Odyssey Lets You Play As A Dinosaur

The next big Mario game is coming to Switch on October 27, and it will let you play as a Cheep Cheep, a taxi cab, and even a dinosaur. Using Mario's special abilities in Super Mario Odyssey, you can inhabit those people and objects, as we saw in a new trailer during the Nintendo Spotlight today.

Here's the trailer:

We'll have more on Super Mario Odyssey later this morning.


    This is looking really great, it seems to still have the crazieness of the Galaxy games.

    That song was surprisingly good too, I hope there's more like it in the game.

    I am going to go ahead and predict that this will be to Mario games what BoW was to Zelda games.

      I'm sure it will be. After not having a sandbox game for so long, this will be great.

    Those worlds! Haven't been excited for mario in a long time. Also, wtb that song.

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