Super Mario Odyssey’s Outfits Are A Nice Throwback

Super Mario Odyssey’s Outfits Are A Nice Throwback

Here’s something you might not have noticed watching Super Mario Odyssey’s new trailer: Many of those outfits Mario is wearing are based on his appearance in old/obscure Nintendo games.

Image: Retro Cabeza

Cute touch! If you’re wondering where they’re all from, clockwise from top-left they’re Picross 2 (1996), Mario x Qix (1990, Game Boy), Yoshi’s Cookie (1993) and NES Open Tournament Golf (1987).


  • That’s pretty awesome. Some might say it’s pandering to nostalgia, but I reckon it’s acknowloging one’s history

    Snark note: can we expect to see a “Mario is racist for culturally appropriating sombreros and ponchos” article soon?

  • Mario is going to wear different costumes in Super Mario Odyssey? Well I would love to see that and that is seeing Mario dressed as a Mexican in a Mexican Sombrero attending a Mexican salsa festival with his guitar because it will feel like Mario in Mexico tasting the Mexican tacos like Quesadillas or even Tortillas.
    Nintendo you’ve done it again I’m very proud do keep up the good work.

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