Take A Look At The Xbox One X

There's a new Xbox in town. There wasn't that much of the actual hardware on show in the company's E3 presser though, so here's a better look at the Xbox One X's design.

That's an Xbox One S in back, for comparison's sake. There wasn't a white model of the Xbox One X announced.

As you can tell by the size of the controller there, this thing is pretty small!

Here's the back, if you're interested in ports:


    Does it have the same UHD drive as the XboneS?

    If the UHD drive is of better quality, I would consider upgrading from the S to the X. If I could run windows on the X, I'd definitely get one.

    I'd personally rather have a console that does a bit of PC-ing, rather than a PC that does a bit of gaming.

    Reminds me of PS2

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