Target Is Selling Horizon: Zero Dawn And Ghost Recon Wildlands For $39

If you like running around gorgeous open worlds and sticking things with arrows, or shooting them in the head with guns, then Horizon: Zero Dawn or Ghost Recon: Wildlands is probably up your alley. And you can get both this week for bugger all.

Covered by Press Start on the weekend, the deals will run from this Thursday until next Wednesday. They'll be available nationwide, although it's not known whether its in-store only or available online as well.

The biggest drawcards are Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4, although the Wipeout Omega Collection is available for a steal and Ghost Recon: Wildlands is under $40 as well. Here's the full list:

Uncharted 4: $27
Horizon Zero Dawn: $39
Wipeout Omega Collection: $39
Ghost Recon: Wildlands: $39
Watch Dogs 2: $39
Lego Worlds: $39
Mass Effect Andromeda: $49
PREY: $55
Forza Horizon 3: $59

Pretty decent mix. You'll start seeing these offers in catalogues as the week rolls out. Not too bad considering how good Horizon is, how surprisingly good Watch Dogs 2 was, and if you have some mates Ghost Recon is at a pretty good price.

Update: Fixed a misstep in the lede; thanks to ubergine on Twitter and those in the comments for pointing it out.


    I can't believe Mass Effect Andromeda's price. What is it on digital fronts?

    Like, I know people had issues with it, but yikes.

      Indeed. Prey isn't too far behind and its a month old. Been bombs this year ;)

      I mean, Dragon Age Inquisition's GOTY edition with all the DLC is regularly sub-$10 digitally now, even on the Xbox and PS4 storefronts :/. I expect MEA to do the same in 6-12 months.

    On what platforms?

      Horizon and Uncharted are PS4 only, because it's an exclusive, but the others are all PS4/XBO.

        Forza Horizon 3 is an Xbone exclusive ;)

          I meant Horizon Zero Dawn, not Forza

            But the original comment was asking which games on the list were on which platform, and you forgot to mention Forza Horizon 3 which is on the list ;)

    Aaaah f#£k off! I just bought Horizon the other week. Held off until I finished other games in hope of a price drop and now it's half price. Arse.

      FFS, i bought Horizon Friday for $79. and ive been waiting for it to go on sale.

        Damn, that's even worse!

        If you got it from a retailer you might be able to get it price matched.

          why would JB price match a game bought before the other store even had the game on sale?

            They have a 90 day change of mind policy, which usually implies that'd do this kind of thing for you (otherwise you could take it back and price match, or go elsewhere, etc).

    I'm confused!

    Can I got in and pick these up now before the catalogues are released? Opening line reads "And you can get both, today, for bugger all." and then follows with " from this Thursday until next Wednesday"

    Anyone had any luck?

    Ghost is good if you're playing with mates but a pretty terrible game if you're playing single player.

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