The 2017 Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live

It is time once again for the annual ritual of buying PC games you're never going to play — welcome to the 2017 Steam summer sale.

The sale is live on Steam right now and includes major discounts on the Final Fantasy, Ghost Recon and Call of Duty franchises. Today's highlights include Shadow of Mordor for $US3.99 ($5.29), Mafia 3 for $US18.48 ($24.50) and Steamworld Heist for $US5.09 ($6.75) among many other deals.

Whenever Steam's servers decide to start working again, you can also get Nier: Automata for $US41.99 ($55.66), the entire first season of Hitman for $US23.73 ($31.46), and Darkest Dungeon for $9.99 ($13.24). South Park: The Stick of Truth for $US8.36 ($11.08) is also a steal.


    Remember when Steam Sales got us excited and didn't feel incidental? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

      While I wouldn't mind seeing some stats on the average discount, I suspect the reason the sales don't feel as exciting to you any more is because you already bought most of the games on sale either at full price or in past sales so them being on sale again doesn't interest you any more.

      There are some pretty good deals this sale:

      - $45 for Ghost Recon Wildlands is the lowest it's been on any of the stores ES tracks.
      - I'll probably pick up Mafia 3 for $18.
      - Ori and the Blind Forest is $10 which I'd be all over if I didn't already own it.
      - Sniper Elite 4 for $30 seems like a good price point to pick it up now.
      - Nier: Automata for $42 is tempting.
      - Shadow of Mordor is only $4. That's crazy. I already own it but everyone should buy it for that price.
      - This War of Mine, another $4 game. Definitely worth it.
      - South Park: Stick of Truth for $8.

      That's just a few from the front page for me, I'm sure there are more.

        Nope it's not like that at all. I miss the old format of the sales. Flash sales were great. The whole older format was far superior to whats become a 'throw everything up there at once' format it's become.

          Fair enough if you preferred it that way. I know they changed it because a lot of people complained it was unfair that they were buying things at 30% discount when the next day it'd go on a 50% flash sale, and I can sympathise with that side of it too.

            To add to that they're kind of required to now because the return policy they've added would just complicate this.

        Ghost recon isn't a great price. I have seen it at $49 AUD on the ubisoft store recently and many times down to $59 (same price as this sale), so its nothing special.

        similar thing for nier, when you convert it to AUD its not overly cheap

          On top of which, JB Hifi have been selling Ghost Recon for $49 AUD (all platforms) for a while now... $45 USD is by no means a bargain.

          Ghost Recon and Nier are both recent releases, I don't think anyone's expecting deep discounts this early in their sale period. But they are decent prices for each.

      But this time they have stickers! Stickers that can't be sold on the secondary market!

        My daughter might end up really liking them so I'm not complaining

    I wake up this morning and check my emails.
    '85 games on your wishlist are on sale'
    yep... steam sales on lol

    Went to buy some games and they're cheaper on the PSN store at normal price so maybe I'll just give it a miss.
    Except for Hollow Knight, defs getting that

      Yeah I've sort of noticed that the PSN occasionally has pretty decent deals - and they're in Australian dollars. Some of the "discounts" on Steam, once converted from USD to AUD, aren't all that great.

    I am pretty disappointed by some of the offerings this sale. A lot of the games on my wishlist are on sale, but a lot of them have been on sale cheaper at other times of the year. I mean I'm not complaining about 30% off a game I really want, but when it was 75% off earlier in the year (and I missed out) during a non-steam sale time period and it's on sale for around the same 30% off at other places too, then yeah, I feel a bit disappointed. Makes it seem less exciting somehow, anyway.

      If something has previously been on 75% sale then it will be on 75% sale again. If you are waiting for a good sale price hold off. Next sale is only going to be a couple of months anyway so unless you really want to play it now and have the time there isn't really a reason not to wait

    There are certainly some iffy deals, really good idea to drill down too;

    I've been waiting for Civ 6 to be on a good sale, it's current sale price is $42USD (-40%) which is still a bit above my 'impulse buy' level, yet on closer inspection, you can get the 'strategy game of the year bundle' which includes Civ 6 & XCOM 2 for $46 which instantly sounds like a much better deal (if i didn't already have XCOM 2 - although admittedly it grants me an extra $15 discount so i can get Civ 6 for $31). Moral of my long winded tail - don't judge the sale prices by their cover! ;)

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