The Beds In Yu-Gi-Oh! Are Strange 

I didn't notice until it was pointed out to me, but the beds in Yu-Gi-Oh! are often odd.

[Image: sizimi339]

Forget the hair! Look at this.

It's either that the bed's size is weird, it's put in a strange place, or the way it's positioned looks off.

[Image: Whatever Anime Blog]

[Image: Popscreen]

[Image: Ameblo]

[Image: Hamusoku]

[Image: joman1126]


    My bed ends up in the position of the first screen-grab when I wake up every morning. Castor wheels make it roll everywhere on the tiled surface when I toss and turn during sleep. But the bedside tables in this example can't be explained by even science.

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    They are oversized, or is it the characters are small and the beds are a standard seven feet long.

    Looks fine to me.

    I noticed something similar when watching one of the new Batman animated movies, I believe it was Batman VS Robin, I think... or Bad Blood, I can't remember.

    In the Batcave, randomly in front of all the computers and stuff, was Bruce Wayne bench pressing a shit load of weight, but it was just "put there", a bench, a barbell, heaps of weight, but nothing else. You'd think his bench press would be in an exercise/gym area, not just randomly in front of the bat computer.

    Same goes with these things. It's probably a lot easier to draw one or two "props" for a room, rather than make it look like a realistic location for a bed, which must be why the room(s) seem so bare?

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