The Crowds At E3 This Year Are Kinda Big

This E3 is the first E3 that's ever been open to the public, with an extra 20,000 punters over the regular press and industry folks walking the show floor. This is what it looks like.

Here's the mass of bodies inside the Ubisoft booth:

And here's Xbox:

And here's what it's like at one of the quieter intersections:

This is just the South Hall, too, where Xbox and Ubisoft and Bethesda are the big attractions. Over in the West Hall where both Nintendo and Sony have massive showings, the throng is significantly worse. It's like EB Expo on steroids.


    I remember in the second year of Pax being told we had to stand and that other exhibitors were getting mad because there were too many people watching the League stuff. It didn't help that a certain pizza place had given me the maddest bout of diarrhea.

    how crowded was it before it was open to public?

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