The End Is Nigh Is The Next Game From The Binding Of Isaac’s Creator

The End Is Nigh Is The Next Game From The Binding Of Isaac’s Creator

If you’re a long term fan of The Binding of Isaac, then chances are you’re more than a mite interested in what Edmund McMillen has been working out. Good news: it’s called The End is Nigh and it’s out next month.

Billed as a side-scrolling adventure platformer “where you die a lot, but that’s OK because you are probably already dead anyway”, The End is Nigh will ship with around 12 chapters, over 600 levels, and supposedly a lot of stress. It looks more in the vein of Super Meat Boy than The Binding of Isaac, mind you.

The End is Nigh is due out on July 12 on PC, and judging by the system requirements on Steam it will more or less run on a potato. McMillen noted on his website that the game will be coming to the Switch as well, but there’s no release date for that, and it might get ported to PS4/XBO in the future.


  • Ugh, if that gif is anything to go by I’m going to dislike at least some portions of this game – I hate screen shake.

  • Looks really similar to Meatboy, which is fantastic news to me, as I loved that game.

    • Just watched the video, and it looks like it’s basically Super Meat Boy 2 – and I’m super OK with that.

  • Yeah the story seems original but gameplay-wise it looks like an updated SMB – Will get it, will probably enjoy it, will never be able to finish it 😛

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