The Internet Is Coming Around On Mario + Rabbids

When a marketing presentation for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was leaked in May, the internet met it with mockery and bafflement. But now that people have finally seen the game in action at Ubisoft's E3 press conference, the internet has done a 180. Huh.

Mario and Rabbids seemed like like a totally incongruous combination, but given the reaction after Ubisoft's press conference, maybe they knew what they were doing after all. It's a tactical turn based combat game — I guess the missing ingredient was XCOM. Combine that with with an adorable surprise appearance from Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and a pretty charming demo, and the internet has mostly turned around from their initial impressions of the game:


    Looked rather average to me personally. Combat is ok but the rabid rabbits thing was a turn off. They always come across as 5yr old humour, and bad humour at that. But I know adults that love those crazy guys so will certainly appeal to gamers out there.

    Not sold. Looks like a kid-friendly cash grab. Happy to be proven wrong, but the worlds looked lifeless. Not a great announcement demo.

    Minions were totally a ripoff of Rabbids, so there's that.

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