The Internet Reacts To The Newest Legendary Super Saiyan

The latest Dragon Ball Super episode showed off new character Kale's Super Saiyan form. Fans knew this was coming, as well as how the character appeared to be inspired by Broly. Now that the episode has aired, those fans have opinions.

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When Kale goes into her Super Saiyan form, her hair turns green and she sports massive muscles.

Broly is not considered cannon in the Dragon Ball franchise, but Kale makes obvious nods to the character.

So. What did fans think?

[via r/dbz]

[via r/dbz]

[via r/dbz]


    Well Kale is a superfood


      I thought it was going to be cauliflower to be the broccoli of universe 6. Didn't see the kale coming.

    For you see, you're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore...

      Oh Princess Trunks...

        Pleeeaase no...

          You LIED to me. You dirty boy.

            Goku get me off this planet right now! I'm serious! INSTANT TRANSMISSION!!!

    Ugh, reposting because edit bug...

    I thought it was pretty awesome. As far as the complaints, my view is we have no real knowledge or background on Kale, so I don't see it as 'horrible writing' that she has such a crazy hidden power, just something we haven't learnt yet (or at least that's my hope anyway). Either way it's better than Broly's bs "he cried too much" reasoning.

    Was more excited by Cauli going SS2 though to be honest which again I'll defend by saying that Renso already said she was a natural, extremely gifted warrior - she's basically the U6 Goku.

    Eh, it's a different universe, so the "rules" that we've come to know mean nothing. Just allow the writers to have their fan fiction moment.

    What about Goten and Trunks becoming Super Saiyans without any problems?

    thanks for posting a spoiler image in the main feed.
    im still watching super and am not up to date, as i am sure other people are in the same boat.
    bravo, bravo.

    I thought I was watching a parody!
    Is that seriously the real quality of the anime??

    Hehe, you said Cannon :P

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