The Internet Reacts To Ubisoft's New Logo

Image: Ubi Blog

Ubisoft's logo is changing. Not to the funky retro stylings of the 80's, but something a little more ... plain. But that's OK, because the internet has already come up with plenty of improvements.

Meant to symbolise the company's transition to live services, Ubisoft's new logo has been met with a mixed reception, to say the least. On the nicer side of things, the new logo has reminded everyone of how good the publisher's branding was in the 80's:

The swirl isn't new for Ubisoft - their old logo was effectively a more detailed swirl - but the stark, minimalist design has become perfect fodder for, well, the internet. One noted that it looked eerily like Madara's mask:

Some unfairly remarked that the logo was unfinished, drawing parallels back to some of Ubisoft's more troubled releases like Assassin's Creed: Unity. Others questioned its design merits, with the broken O in the company name being singled out:

For some people, the logo reminded them of Sonic:

And some people wondered whether Ubisoft was taking inspiration from Malcolm in the Middle.

Perhaps the harshest comparisons came from those who took the swirl as an indication of water being flushed, or something else:

Image: NeoGAF

Image: NeoGAF

People haven't just taken the piss, mind you. One user on Reddit knocked together a few quick concepts, some with colour and others without, illustrating alternatives that Ubi could have rolled with:

It wasn't all a negative reception, with several users pointing out that the Ubisoft font had gotten a much-needed update. The new logo will also still be customised from time to time, as Ubi likes to do with their games:

For my money, the new logo will probably be a lot more malleable when it comes to customisation. That's what people really appreciate the most when they fire up a new game, although it is pretty hard to go past the Outrun stylings of Ubisoft in the 80's.


    Considering my opinion of Ubisoft lately, I think the "front view" of the logo is the most appropriate one to use.

    The internet is upset again.

      Speaking as a graphic designer, there are some serious problems with it. I totally get what they are going for, but the execution is all wrong, the terminal of the inner line just jutting out instead of aligning with the outer stroke makes zero sense.

      Also the O in Ubisoft. Why is nobody talking about that?? It looks like it was accidentally sliced and they forgot to fix it. It's like they hired someone on Fiverr to do it for them, or got a first year design student to give it a crack.

      This isn't like the new Instagram logo where people just hated change even though the end result was objectively better, this is unprofessional branding (as far as the logo goes) from one of the biggest games companies in the industry.

        Also the O in Ubisoft. Why is nobody talking about that??...somebody noticed anything other than the swirl?

    I'd prefer Ubisost bring back that A E S T H E T I C logo

    lol I looked at that tweet by @Protodude and I almost flinched out of habit!

    Why is a company logo important to anyone? Why fan drama like this?

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