The New Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Looks Killer In Action

The New Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Looks Killer In Action

While we got a glimpse of Dragon Ball FighterZ yesterday, today people are uploading full matches — and the game looks sick. Something about going 2.5D really accentuates the action while sticking true to the anime roots.

Developed by Arc Systems, the game looks a bit like what you might expect out of a Marvel vs Capcom title. The whole thing is 3 vs 3 characters, meaning you can pair up some silly combinations to assist each other, if not drop in and out. The fight below plays it pretty straight, though, with Cell / Frieza / Buu on one team, going up against Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. I love the flashiness of powerful moves:

YouTube user PS360HD2 also uploaded some more footage of the demo, with battles taking place across all sorts of maps:

All I can say is: HYPE.


  • Guilty Gear Xrd’s 3D cartoon-like visuals are really fantastic so it’s great seeing Arc System Works apply the engine to other animated fighters like this. I really feel like GG Xrd is probably the fighter of this generation. SFV may still be dominant in tournaments because it’s where the money is but it cribs many things from Arc System Works games.

    • I think Xrd was Unreal 3, and Dragon Ball FighterZ is Unreal 4; which makes sense.

      Arc System Works making a Dragon Ball game is, frankly, almost too good to be true.

        • Really? I didn’t know that.
          So they have undeniable pedigree.
          Seriously, can’t wait for this!

          • I wouldn’t call it “undeniable pedigree”. The most recent one, Extreme Butoden, was utter garbage. The Superonic Warriors series isn’t too bad though.

  • So pretty but gameplay looks like a marvel vs capcom game. Does not scream DBZ to me at all.

  • These visuals look spot on, but I can’t tell if the characters are detailed 2d sprites in a 3d environment or if they’re animated 3d models. I’m no stranger to cel-shading but I’ve never seen anything that mimics the look of an anime so well.

    Can anyone in the know fill me in? What’s actually going on here!?

  • This is perfect to balance out Xenoverse. It’s no Budokai Tenkaichi or Raging Blast, but this is going to be great for couch multiplayer, which the Xenoverse series lacks (to an extent). Looking forward to the roster release.

  • I really liked the original 2-D budokai series (1-3) but then they switched it to 3d and ruined it.

    I’ll give this 2.5D a shot though

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