The Ninjago Movie Is Spawning Some Very Cool Lego Sets 

The theatrical film based on Lego's long-running ninja setting arrives on September 21, but we'll be playing with the vehicles, dragons, and massive shark mechs starting in August. Check out five awesome new sets hitting stores in the coming months.

In case you're unfamiliar with Ninjago, go to a toy store or something. It's one of Lego's longest-running original properties. Just about everybody loves ninjas, and for those who don't, the line also features pirates, high-tech vehicles, mystical creatures — it's like an eight-year-old boy's imagination threw up in the Lego aisle. It's so good.

The movie doesn't look too shabby either.

And it's not just a funny trailer. It's also a catalogue of many of the new sets dropping on August 1. The five I'm sharing today aren't as large and expensive as the $US300 ($397) city set Io9 showed off yesterday, but combined they have got more than enough firepower to lay it to waste.

70618 Destiny's Bounty - $US159.99 ($212) - 2,295 Pieces

Master Wu's got a training boat, and it's pretty massive. The Destiny's Bounty features three modular rooms, four minifigures, a working anchor and plenty of secrets to uncover. Though I suppose if you're building it, they won't be very secret, will they?

I mean, you're pretty much going to know what's under the roll-up panels here.

The training room looks a little cramped, but ninjas make d0.

Ninjas also make doo. I am sorry.

It's a whole lot of set for a nice chunk of change.

70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon - $US49.99 ($66) - 544 Pieces

Ninjago always rocks the dragons, especially when they combine ancient designs with future tech. Also, Green Ninja Mech Dragon sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

This monster looks to be super-flexible, which I am sure will come in handy as green ninja Lloyd (apparently pronounced L-Loyd) battles his evil dad.

Speaking of which, evil dad's four-armed minifigure is pretty cool. Going to need a bunch of him for fun mod possibilities.

Those first two sets will be available all over the place on August 1. The rest are dreaded store exclusives.

70616 Ice Tank - $US79.99 ($106) - 914 Pieces - Toys'R'Us Exclusive

It's Zane versus the Shark Soldiers, and Zane's brought a tank.

What's the Shark Soldier brought?

Hmm. Something tells me Zane is going to win this one.

70613 Garma Mecha Man - $US59.99 ($79) -747 Pieces - Target Exclusive

Now it just feels like Lego is trying way too hard. They had me at ninjas and dragons. Then they had to throw in a freaking shark mech.

A shark mech with a missile-shooting shark for a hand.

In summary: shark mech.

70610 Flying Jelly Sub - $US29.99 ($40) - 314 Pieces - Walmart Exclusive

Walmart gets the cheapest exclusive, but also the cutest.

Aww, little Shark Soldier piloting a little jelly fish. It's adorable. I bet he is going to try and take on Zane's tank.

You can do it, little buddy! (He cannot do it.)

The Flying Jelly Sub comes with everything you see here.

And there you have it, five pieces of high-tech ninja/demon/shark equipment you'll be able to build in the privacy of your own home starting August 1. Go ninja. Go Ninjago.


    U missed one, look up the Ninjago City set.

      The five I'm sharing today aren't as large and expensive as the $US300 ($397) city set Io9 showed off yesterday
      It's in the article
      (also @negativezero )

    Left out the Ninjago City set which looks pretty impressive and at nearly 5000 pieces is one of the biggest sets they've ever done.

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