The Nintendo SNES Classic Will Cost $119.95 In Australia

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that the SNES Mini Classic will cost $119.95 in Australia.

In a post on their website, Nintendo announced that the officially titled Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System would be available from September 30. A USB AC adapter would also be made available the same day for $19.95.

Image: Nintendo

The system ships with a single HDMI cable, two wired Super NES controllers and a single USB power cable. Nintendo notes, however, that "an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging".

For a list of all the games that ship with the console, see our story below. If you want to pre-order the console, EB Games are taking pre-orders (and the site isn't crashing) right here.

Nintendo Announces SNES Classic, Which Comes With 21 Stellar Games [Updated]

Forget the NES Classic — this is the vintage system we've been waiting for. Nintendo today announced the Super Nintendo Classic, which will come with 21 games including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

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    I just pre-ordered from EB Games, if anyone is keen to get on board early

      Same. Just threw a link in the story as well for others.

        thanks dude. ordered and counting the days.

      Me too. A Saturday release is interesting - normally its Friday for Nintendo

        Yeah, I preordered. I got lucky and found an NES in Big W a few day before they announced it was going out of production. Even if they are making more units of this one, I don't really want to have to wait as long as I did last time.

          Got one in the last run from JB. There were about a half dozen left, then they announced it would be the last run a couple of days later. Most happy to have the little toy in my possession.

          Will be off to pre-order when I head out to lunch methinks. Like you, I don't want the hassles of the NES Classic to be repeated.

        Typically it is Saturday for Nintendo releases in Australia, last game i got was Fire Emblem for the 3ds which release on a Saturday.

          It depends - the eShop updates on Friday and the Switch was released on Friday, but yes last week Ever Oasis released on Saturday

      Pre order mine just now. I am not going through that hassle with the mini nes again.

      I too have secured my pre-order, through EB Games, which is pretty unheard of for me doing. Not missing out on this one.

      Pretty much this, forgot to pre order the NES when they announced it and regretted it BIG TIME!

      Not too mad though the SNES was the first console I ever played when I was a kid so has more of a nostalgia hit than the NES was.

      Same :o)
      Made sure to jump in early on this one!

    ...why is the power adapter sold separately?

    nintendo gonna nintendo i guess.

      They did this for the NES Mini too. It's just a 5V adapter so you can get them for nothing, but it's still annoying

        In the case of the NES though you didn't need an adapter, the device could be powered by the USB cable into the TV.

        This announcement is earlier than I expected, and only 21 games is a bit of a bummer. There's so many great games in the SNES library and they only include 21 of them?

          True, but I have an LED lighting strip behind the TV so actually use a USB port on my power strip

        wasnt aware they did the same thing for the nes mini

        anyway, its not just annoying - you cant use the thing they're selling unless you buy another $20 bit. that's straight up bullshit nonsense.

          The reason they separate the power supply is because it lets them make a single SKU for the console and ship it anywhere.

          That lets them get more product out the door, and it can be diverted to wherever it's needed. It helps smaller markets like ours.

          The alternative is to include every outlet adapter in the box, which people would complain wastes money.

          Besides, the vast majority of tv's have a usb port capable of delivering the power required to run this thing. Why waste money on a superfluous adapter?

            you make a fair point about simplifying distribution.
            still, unless i'm mistaken, they do seem to be the only ones doing this.
            for people like me without a new-fangled tv with so-called 'electricity' its just a bit inconvenient.

            still, its not a deal breaker by any means.

              I bought my current tv when the xbox 360 launched. It's a 720p lcd and it has a usb port on it!

              It resets itself at 10:05am every day, which is rather annoying during onlibe multiplayer.

              Man... i really need a new tv.

          eh, you've probably got a dozen USB adapters lying around the house already or your tv has a USB out that you can use to power up the snes. whingers gonna whinge.

      Because you can just plug it into your TV for power. My powerboard is full anyway, haha.

        that's presuming i've got a tv with usb power outlets.

          If your TV was built in the last 10 years and isn't a cheap no-name brand then it's very likely it'll have at least one USB port.

      From a stock management point of view, it means that they can share the same stock between Australia, Europe, and the UK even though each has a different style of power plug. If the version sold in Australia has French writing on the box, like in the picture, then this is almost certainly what is happening.

      Now they could have just increased the cost of the console slightly and given every customer a second box containing the adapter, but I suspect many people have spare USB adapters at home from old phones or other electronic devices. You can even buy power points with built-in USB adapters these days, so I suspect we'll see this more and more.

    Congrats to future scaplers.

      EB are doing their best and limiting it to 1 per customer. Obviously if someone has multiple accounts or uses friends accounts they can get a multiple units but the guy at my local EB said they'll be keeping an eye on shipping addresses to reduce the amount of scalpers... time will tell I guess.

    Preordered. Interested to see if it'll be moddable.

    Raspberry Pi is still cheaper

      This just in: Pirated software cheaper than purchased software!

      More at 11.

        I didn't realize the Raspberry Pi was pirated software. I always thought it was hardware that was used to emulate programs?

          I think @cubits meant that the Pi solution is only cheaper because you play pirated games. By the time you add the cost of games (lets generously say $3 each), cost of the pretty console case and controllers, you're easily over $120. It's a pretty good deal what Nintendo is offering.

            I remember when I were a lad, these games would have cost you $120 EACH! In 1990s money! Not counting the cost of the console itself! And to buy them you'd have to walk through the snow to the games store! 20 miles, uphill both ways! Then you'd get there and find the only game they had in stock was Rise of the Robots, so you'd settle for that and be glad to have it!

              Hahahaha man I am glad I grew up in the Megadrive era where the games were like 90 bucks and my mum would drive me to the store to purchase Street Fighter 2 with my hard earned pocket money. Seems like you definitely had it worse lol.

                I remember those days. You squeezed every cent's worth out of games in those days, by God! None of this playing a game for a few hours before throwing it on the discard pile. No! You played it for weeks or months at time, even if it was so hard it made you cry tears of impotent frustration. Those were the days!

                (I'm glad they're gone)

                  This exactly (I'm looking at you Altered Beast) but alas growing up means less personal time and more time devoted to family and work. Still I look back on those days fondly.

                  That's the annoying part. Back then I had all the time but no money. Now I've got the money but no time!

            Yeah I understand, the problem I can foresee happening is the exact problem we had with the mini NES. Unless Nintendo learnt from that one and actually have the stock for the demand. Maybe the NES mini was a trial?

      it is, unless you're like me. Pi, sd card, cnc cut acrylic case from europe, shutdown circuit, Wii pro controllers. All up I think I've spent nearly $300 making a "console".

        Was going to say similar. Once you add in those little extras it adds up fast. Even just a case and power supply can mean you're tipping $100. Or if you make it yourself, the cost of those parts, plus labour. Then you need a controller, keyboard, and/or mouse added on top. None of that is free.

        $120 quickly becomes a damn good price for what you get, before you enter the moral pro's and con's of obtaining the actual rom's to run through emulation.

    That's a lot of money for a machine that doesn't have Super Tennis on it :P

    Pre-ordered from EB, surprisingly they were not sold out and everything went through fine.

      Hahahahaha.....there is still plenty of time for EB to screw this up.

        Like accepting way more preorders than stock they'll actually get? >.>

          Which they do, and then they put the excess into 'second shipment' orders.

    All over this like a fat kid on a cake.
    Very happy man here that I was able to pre-order. I still have a working SNES but this will have a tonne of games I don't have and will spend way too much time on.

    Preordered. Such a cool little toy. I sat out on the mini as it was a bit too retro.. but this one is a must buy.

    I preordered mine too. A little disappointed there's no Killer Instinct but Zelda and Metroid make me happy.

    Any word if the cartridge port will be useable? Or is it purely decoration?

      Going by the released images, the cartridge port doesn't look big enough.

      Definitely decoration, as with the Nes Mini.

    Preordered at EB games. But i feel a little salty that Nintendo have not included a usb adapter to actually play the system, so really the system actually costs more like $140.

      I reckon a lot of people have probably got a few spare AC adapters lying around from various phones, tablets, etc or can just run off the TV's USB port.

      So at least this way we're not paying for another adapter we don't need. You could probably get a generic one from officeworks or somewhere for well under $20 if you do need one.

      Read @cubits post up above. Lot's of people already have phone chargers, so makes sense to cut the power adapter out.

    Why wouldn't they include Super Mario All Stars?

    This would have really sealed the deal for me.

      They probably thought it was best to leave the NES games as exclusive to that other tiny console you can't buy. :p

      But all stars was great.

      Would also love a usb port and a copy of mario paint.

        Yeah I guess that's fair enough, just bums me out because they felt like the definitive versions of those games.

        Holy crap yes Mario Paint! I would swat the hell out of those flies all over again.

      Yeah its a bit of weird decision. I originally bought an SNES back in 95 just for All Stars (it was the system seller as far as I was concerned - though the pack-in game Yoshi's Island was an unexpected surprise!)

    Bit the bullet (Bull) and placed my order with my local JB HiFi.

    Still gonna keep an eye out on Amazon for the Japanese model though.

    I find Nintys approach to this a little perplexing but at the same time pretty gratifying compared to the Activision/CoD rip off story from yesterday - it's almost like they have finite space in their bank account and don't want it to get too full.

    They could have released multiple versions of these with different games lineups and people would have been collecting them like real life Pokemon. They could have released just one but had a cut-down working cartridge slot and released new 20-game collections every 6 months and made another small fortune?

    I sound like i'm complaining, i'm definitely not - it just sounds like the company is pulling in two directions and both this and the mini-NES are being done somewhat half-assed and it's competing internally with the switch - not sure why they didn't just wait a year or two for these and focus on more money overall - but, i guess, Nintendo?

    I preordered one, but i'll probably get the "we oversold" emails.

    Last edited 27/06/17 12:21 pm

    Pre-ordered from JB, here's hoping I get one! Was really hoping for this when Nintendo dropped the Mini NES

      If you miss out you can always get up early and grab one from your local Big W or where ever on launch day. It seems Target and Kmart both got out of the games business. No real reason to visit them anyway :P

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