The Sony E3 Conference Liveblog!

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Alex has been on deck for Live blogging duties this year, but I'm coming out of retirement for ONE... LAST... JOB.

Oh man, I love liveblogs. I love you all. LET'S DO THIS SHIT.

(Oh and you can watch the livestream here!

7.40am It's 7.40am and I'm getting this thing up early so I can go make porridge. I'll probably be back around 10 to 1030. In the meantime let's have a round-up of expectations, hopes and dreams.

Expectations: smugness, jokes, Last Of Us 2.

Hopes: Bloodborne 2, a this year release date for God of War

Dreams: PlayStation All-Stars 2 (jks, no-one really wants that game)

Now you go! I'll be back post-porridge.

10.02 Hello, I am back. I have eaten the porridge. It was very delicious thank you.

So worth checking out the livestream post. They're streaming in 4k which is pretty wild. Also — I was just informed the show will be 90 minutes. That's good news I think. Don't want this shit to drag out cause I enjoy eating lunch at a reasonable hour.

After a pretty underwhelming Xbox conference, I'm hoping Sony really surprise us with something like BAM. They typically do because they're far more comfortable showing off games that won't come out for FUCKING YEARS. I'm fine with that because at least E3 can be exciting for a while.

Come onnnnnnn BLOODBORNE 2.

10.07 Also, don't know about you, but I'm still thinking about this guy...

Love you Bruz.

10.20 I really can't wait to tell my kid he can't play the new Spiderman game cause he's too young. Really looking forward to tasting those tears.

Hey man don't judge me. I've waited a long time for this. Motherfucker snapped my Splatoon disc in two.

10.48 Just heard Superhot VR is coming to PSVR. That is good news. I want that game real bad. Also, I need an excuse to care about VR again.

10.53 There's actually a lot of interesting Sony games that we already know about that I want to see real bad. Mainly God of War to be honest. Cause that looked fucking immense. Not too hyped on The Last Of Us 2 for some reason. I know I'm alone on this.

10.57 Crazy thing is, Sony could cruise control this conference and it wouldn't matter. Been a very flat E3 so far in my humble opinion. I don't expect an insane showing today. I expect a decent showing that still satisfies most fans of Sony.

11.01 [Taps watch]

11.05 Music AND water? Man, Sony spoiling us with that good shit.

Wait it's the new Uncharted thing featuring the all-time best Uncharted character Chloe. I will play this game for sure. Real talk this game features the two coolest female characters in the series. I am down for this for sure.

11.08 Ah jesus christ I love Horizon so much. Okay moving on.

11.10 Days Gone is here. Can't say I'm too into this one. We have The Last Of Us 2 coming. This might be a bit too similar for me. I mean it looks fantastic.

Time to Zombies. 5 mins? Surprised it took that long tbh.

Solid tweet.

Scale is the one thing this game has going for it. The scale is Dead Rising in scope, but visually still looks unreal. Not too sure how it'll all hang together as a fun video game though.

Also: bears. But all games have bears nowadays.

11.17 Ah... pocket square. Good choice. Proof you have chosen to wear the suit. Powerful statement.

I'm here all night folks.

Also: that was fucking weird.

11.22 Ah Jesus Christ, you just know a very specific group of Sony fans are exploding at that Monster Hunter announcment. Monster Hunter Worlds. Looked pretty rad actually, although a bit weird how that dude just casually walked away from an enraged T-Rex.

11.24 Holy shit, are Sony straight up remaking Shadow of the Colossus? That seems like an extremely good idea to me tbh.

11.26 Obligatory "MAHVEL BABY". Looks sick actually — makes use of all the newer characters in both universes. Fuck it, why not.

11.27 Man, this really is fast paced. I can't keep up with this shit. They're showing new COD which is definitely COD but I'm done taking the piss out of that game, because it'll probably be very good.

Christ I really need a pee at this point. Can we show something shit, or talk about an online service for a while?

11.32 Really glad Sony is making a 2D platformer for PSVR. That shit works amazingly well on VR — honestly. You can't get it until you've tried it.

11.34 Yasssssss... fucking Final Fantasy fishing. The TRUE Final Fantasy. MY Final Fantasy. I actually don't know what that is — can anyone fill me in please?

Is this a good time to talk about how underwhelming this has been so far?


So fucking down for this mouse with the green glove.

11.42 I am very keen for a new God of War. That looked good, but last year's showing felt more... rebooty? This feels more like traditional God of War? Either way I think this game will be very good and I want to play it.

And yes, don't worry, I'll have plenty to say about that!

Also: very cool GIF

11.45 Ah fuck it, I'll play another David Cage game. Assuming that's what this is. Can't wait for that terrible dialogue and weird shit that makes no sense. So down for that.

Nah really! I kinda am.

I don't know what this game is or what it's gonna be like. The writing sounds terrible though.

11.51 Destiny stuff happened. We all know about Destiny. I'm still really desperate for a pee. Come on mate ease up a bit.

11.55 Okay so Spiderman looks very much like Batman: Arkham whatever. This is good news. Just faster and slicker and faster. I'm down with this. This game actually looks super good. Ah shit he just ran up a wall, fuck yes.

12.00 Seriously, this demo is fantastic. Slick, playable fast paced, explosions and shit. I feel like I'm getting how this game will be played and I actually want to play it. A lot.

12.02 Okay, I guess that's it? Damn. E3 is a bit of a bust this year, huh? No-one showing their hand really. Sony properly reeling it in. Literally just a supercut of trailers and a (admittedly awesome) Spider-man demo. No surprises really.

Still, can't fuck with this:

Well my Bloodborne 2 dreams have been dashed. I'm going for a long, disappointed pee.


    They were teasing one or more Japanese game announcements and Ni no Kuni 2 got dated earlier but still no real look into it, so maybe we'll see some of that.

    I think we'll see the FF7 Remake again, probably along with a requisite segment for FFXV DLC or something.

    Bloodborne 2 seems very likely. I've seen rumors about a sequel to Bully but I don't know, I think we'll see Red Dead Redemption 2 though. We also haven't seen anything for the in-development Tomb Raider game, maybe this time Sony's got the announcement exclusive since Rise being a timed Xbox exclusive backfired badly.

    It's probably about time that Deep Down resurfaces if it's actually even still in development.

    The Last of Us 2 and God of War seem very likely to make an appearance, as is that shit looking zombie game from last year that had the way too long gameplay sequence, unless that came out and I was too busy yawning to notice? I'd also be surprised if they didn't spend some time on that upcoming Uncharted 4 stand-alone expansion thing since they need it to actually sell copies.

    Will be interesting to see how much time, if any, is devoted to PSVR. Will it be like the Vita the E3 after its launch where they didn't even want to admit it existed?

    ...I want all stars 2. Minding its whole lvl design & UI isn't as bland as shit like the first one. Kotaku you punk.

    Hopes: Live orchestral score for Team Ico's new game to kick off the show, Alex gets some sleep now, we see Mark lose it when Bloodborne 2: The Borne Identity is revealed and anything Hideo Kojima related occurs

    I just want more live orchestras in my conferences. Deliver me, Sony.

    Alex has been on deck for Live blogging duties this year, but I'm coming out of retirement for ONE... LAST... JOB.

    Mark goes down in a hail of bullets.


      Mark was only 4 days short of retirement :(

        Was this before or after Hitler shot him through a telephone?

    Wishlist: The ability to change my GODDAMN USERNAME

    Stretch Goal: Vita 2

    Couldn't give a hoot about the games - I'm fairly satisfied that I don't need to see more footage of something that's already announced (Destiny, Red Dead).

    I'm having my porridge now.
    How does everyone else have their porridge, with or sans fruit?
    Brown sugar? Golden Syrup? Plain rolled oats and water?

      I don't do water, milk all the way.

      Oats, milk, salt.

      Brown sugar to serve.

      I'm half scots, so I'll fight every last one of you over my choices!

        My lactose intolerance shits all over your choices.

      Just plane for me. Maybe with raw sugar, depends on how I am in the morning.

      Even tried to make porridge in Breath of the Wild using the same recipe as I do in real life.

      Wound up finding where Calamity Ganon really came from and still no porridge.

    Stage Lights dim

    Voiceover: It's john Q Sony, Sony spokesman!

    "We've listened to our customers, and are announcing...



    *drops mic, moonwalks off stage*

      Jak and Daxter are getting HD remasters of all games except the Lost Frontier so you're close. Primal reboot would be awesome too.

        Oh, I'd take reboots of all of those things I listed in a heartbeat. Especially Primal, as you and I appear to be among the like four people who actually played it

    Praying (to lord Chanka) for Warhawk/Starhawk 2, MAG 2 and some more KH3.

    Rub that Spiderman salt in his infantile eyes Serrels.
    That Splatoon move is retribution waiting to happen.

      Don't tell me that Mark didn't have the EB disc protection?!

      Rookie gamer parent error there.

        Seriously? (I have a baby on the way)

          I don't know, I don't have kids :P But when I questioned the value of that disc protection here a week or two back, I had several parents indicate that it is useful for them.

          Consider yourself warned - might be best to just go all-digital :P

    Lost Legacy looks like what I wanted the Tomb Raider movie to be.

    Stop tapping your watch, I need comments!

    I wish I brought a smaller sword...

    Really wasn't expecting Monster Hunter.

    Holy sheet. I had forgotten about Shadow of the Colossus.
    I'm definitely in for that.

    I've never played a COD game, but WWII looks amazing.

    Yay, VR fishing!!!

    In all honesty though, Inpatient is something I'd by PSVR for, I've been waiting for a horror-ish title in VR.

    I'm feeling underwhelmed reading this live blog but it was hard to tell the vibe without seeing it live (stuck at work). I have Tweet notifications on for EB Games, who seem to be a little "too" excited for this presser.

    Skyrim VR... I don't care if the game is old, I need to find a way to automatically sustain my physical body while I permanently move to Tamriel.

    I'm actually stoked with it so far, nothing but trailers for upcoming games, nearly all of which look really great.
    I was impressed by the XB1X specs, but the games coming that I want to play seem to be 90% on Sony.

      That's fair enough. Stick with what you love. I'm not quite the opposite - everything I want to play is just the AAA cross platform stuff so I'm sticking with Xbox because I prefer the service.

      I see Major Nelson throwing some shade on Twitter during the Monster Hunter presentation ... "Can't wait to play it on Xbox One" ... *wince*

        I have an XB1, but nothing coming made me interested in getting an XB1X.

          Great write-up here on Kotaku that confirms just that. If anything it suggests that most folks will be just fine running games on the One S. I'm still on OG Xbox though, and I'm petty, I want things to work quicker. :P

    I like the look of Metal Gear Spiderman.

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