The Xbox One X Will Cost $649 In Australia

The Xbox One X will cost $649 in Australia when it launches later this year, Kotaku Australia can confirm.

Microsoft confirmed the pricing with Australians during their E3 conference, which is still going at the time of writing.

More info to come..


    I'm in.

    Hopefully it gets a bit better supported than the pro.

    Bundled with a game, I can handle that.

    By the time I purchased my Switch, a 200gb card and Zelda, I was way over that.

    While the conference was better this year there was really nothing that got me overly excited. Certainly nothing to make me go get a X in any sort of hurry.

    Also that Sea of Thieves part went on way to fucking long.....

      Agreed. I sold my X1 a while ago due to it never getting used for anything that I can't play on pc or ps4. Even most of the exclusives are on PC and run/look better.

      The games that looked most interesting to me were the ones that wouldn't benefit from the X anyway.

    So tempting to jump on the xbone bandwagon. Would be nice to bundle with an elite controller though.

    I paid $600 for my elite Xbox one, so $649 for the X is no big deal.
    When you consider what your getting for $649 that is cheap.

      Wait! I don't have a 4K tv... How do I convince the wife we need a new tv(Oled of coarse) and a Xbox one x....

        Buy an Xbox One X and get your wife to accustomed to watching Netflix through it. Then it'll be easier to convince her that getting a 4K TV will improve improve her quality of life.

    Hmm a little more than I was hoping but on launch still seems reasonable. Agree if they throw in a game or two(!) that'd be good value. Perhaps a 1 X and SW:BF2?!

    Ignore my message on the other article about the announcement then ;).

    This is a damn good price considering it's US 499. I was assuming it would be AU 799.

    I was in two minds about upgrading to the XboneX.

    Firstly I have a XboneS which has been great. I play exclusives on it, and use the UHD drive a lot. So it's been great.

    But, I'd like to have a better UHD drive.

    I also need a new PC as my old one is getting a bit long in the tooth.

    If the XboneX had a new and improved UHD drive I'd be more interested.

    If the XboneX was a console I can use as a PC, I'd also be interested. I don't really want a PC, but need one every now and then. Would love the Xbox to do that function....install Word etc.

      What's wrong with the current UHD drive?

        It's good, but not great. Consistently is beaten by any dedicated uhd player for everything.

      yay. when they announced the Scorpio, that was my hope that it would have dual boot capabilities to double as a computer to play GOG games and Steam games and word process and also play console games. i want a pc but i wouldn't use it enough, i want a console but again it wouldn't get much use so a nice hybrid which could do a little of everything was perfect. and graphics are the last thing i care about (still play nes, snes, pre 2000 pc games).

    Yeah, that's a decent price. The Australian price for the Switch looks very expensive in comparison.

    Yeah, that's a decent price. The Australian price for the Switch looks very expensive in comparison.

    I have an original Xbone and a 1080p TV and have a decent PC for any cross-buy games so don't think I'll bother upgrading at this stage unless there's a decent trade-in deal.

      You make a good point.

      Will Xbox games be optimised for the X or S for PC play? If it is the X, then most will just stick with their PC.

    That is cheap, direct price comparison form US $499 ex sales tax, is Au $728.74 inc GST right now.

      Please explain I get $663 on XE app

        Simple, you're forgetting sales tax which I specifically state. US retails are without sales tax because they vary state to state. Ours is a national tax, so included in the retail price by law.
        So your $663 ex gst becomes $729.30 inc GSt.

    2017 - Xbox One X
    2018 - Xbox One X Box
    2019 - Xbox One X Box 1

      2017 - Xbox One X
      2018 - Xbox One X Box
      2019 - Xbox One X Box 1
      2020 - Xbox One X Box 1 EX

    It's weird.

    $649 is too high

    But when you convert $499US and add 10% GST, it comes to $730AU. So it's good that MS never gouge Aussie gamers.

    You all need to stop enabling this shit. Releasing a slightly upgraded console every year is stupid and should not be celebrated business model. The only thing keeping consoles afloat is having a relatively standardised platform, and if you take that away, everything goes down hill.

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