Thirty Minutes Of Splatoon 2 Single Player

We've seen Splatoon 2's competitive game and co-op Salmon Run mode, but what about those of us who'd rather go it alone? Here's 30 minutes of Splatoon 2's story mode, direct from the Nintendo E3 2017 Treehouse stream.

There's a ton of rail grinding, tentacle shooting and boss fighting in Splatoon 2's single-player story mode, which involves the players searching for the whereabouts of the missing squid sister Callie. Because of the delicate nature of the operation, players have a special guide during the solo experience.

Don't look at me, I didn't vote for her. 

Marie guides the player through all sorts of splatoony locations, in search of her sister and the Great Zapfish — the same Great Zapfish that was stolen in the first game. These folks really need to get a handle on their Zapfish.

Check out the video below to watch Nintendo's crack team of squid researchers tackle the campaign.


    inb4 it turns out Callie is the true big bad.

      Well, she did lose the final Splat-fest.

      Not that she had a chance of winning.


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