This Is Not A Drill

Garfield GO is a real video game.

Here is the press release:


Just wanted to let you know that our new game — Garfield GO — is now live! Garfield GO is a brand new augmented reality treasure hunt game, featuring everyone's favourite lasagna-loving cat! 

If you enjoy playing Pokemon Go, Munzee, or other location-based treasure hunting games, you'll love Garfield GO! Here's what sets our game apart from the others:

  • Millions of locations to find treasurePrizes worth real money redeemable at Amazon, Starbucks, Domino's Pizza and more
  • Hundreds of Garfield comics to collect
  • Hats and other clothing items to change up Garfield's look
  • Fun minigames to earn free food
  • Hilarious Garfield animations and voice recordings from Lorenzo Music, the original voice of Garfield

Happy E3 everyone.


    I dont feel like that video gave it justice lol

    why is he walking around the house with a gun? and why is he so angry lol "where the fuck are you!?!"

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