The GTA 5 We Deserve

The GTA 5 We Deserve

Truly, the greatest game of our age.

There are plenty of mods for GTA 5, and of late the scene has been filled with mods doing one particular thing: skinning guns into fidget spinners.

You’ll find tons and tons of videos on YouTube showing off GTA fidget spinners, and most of them are pretty awful. Except this one.


  • I don’t see the point of these, I just end up going back to silly hand motions or unconciously cracking my knuckles. This fad seems really pointless, it neither holds your attention nor keeps your hands actually busy.

    • Yeah I tried one and gave up after a few minutes, went right back to my fidget cube

      • I bought a cheapie fidget cube off ebay and I love it, the pack did come with a spinner but after a few minutes of fidgeting I put it in the bin.

        Of course everyone who has played with the cube has gone straight for the switch.

        • Treat yourself to the real thing, those Chinese knock offs aren’t even close to the same quality. Everything on the genuine cube just feels that much better

          • Do you have an Antsy Labs cube? The one I have isn’t too bad, the ball bearing glides smoothly and the buttons have a nice click to them.

            It was $4 from eBay with free delivery, iirc Antsy Labs ones are about $25usd.

          • Yeah I’ve got one. Tried a knock off when I was visiting a friends and they said they had one and “it sucked”. They didn’t know they were different.

            On the Antsy Labs one the ball is nicer and clicks (fakes don’t click), the circle pad is completely different (it’s more like the 3DS circlepad and less like an analogue stick), the gear rollers actually work, the switch is more clicky, and the five buttons have 3 different resistance types, 2 clicky, 2 spongey and 1 halfway between those.

            IMO it’s worth the extra cash

          • I found an official fidget cube (antsy labs) from Kmart for $15

            I think toys R us also sell them.

        • Ha! It’s true!
          People are always asking what I’m playing with and every single one has started flicking the switch.
          (Personally the divot is my 0,0)

          I can’t imagine a world without my fidget cube, I’ve improved my work form considerably and I can finally manage my floating thought.
          My work form has never been better and I’ve been able to manage my floating thought.

  • I think the humble, yet a lot more innovative, yo-yo needs to come back into fashion. Love my Coca Cola yo-yo from the 80s.

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