Those Prey Tracking Bracelets Were Junk All Along

Prey is filled with mysteries. What's going on aboard Talos I? Who is Morgan Yu, and how did she get into this mess? And most importantly, should I hold on to this tracking bracelet I've been carrying around for the past six hours?

That third mystery has been solved, at long last. The patch notes for the new 1.04 game update include the following line: "Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with 'Transfer all Junk'." In other words, you never needed to carry a discarded tracking bracelet around in the first place. This changes everything.

OK, it doesn't change everything. But it finally puts to rest the lingering doubt that caused me to store my tracking bracelets in Morgan's office safe. Hey, they seemed important and technical! Each one had a specific person's name attached to it. Maybe at some point down the road, I'd be glad I saved them?

I think back to the inventory space I dedicated to these things over the course of the game… I could've carried more jellied eels, or another box of shotgun shells. I could've fit another bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon.

At least we know. At least we finally know.


    It's probably a subtle Aliens movie reference.

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