Three Minutes Of Need For Speed Payback Gameplay 

Three Minutes Of Need For Speed Payback Gameplay 

As part of its E3 2017 press conference that isn’t part of E3, EA debuted some Need For Speed Payback gameplay footage. It’s about a crew, but then somebody left that crew, so now there’s bad blood and intrigue. Here’s hoping Vin Diesel and Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson at least get cameos.

In the trailer, “the crew (Tyler, Jess and Mac) have learned that The House are transporting a car equipped with a new piece of technology that may be a key component in bringing them down. This calls for one thing: acquire the car, get hold of the tech and dent The House’s plans.”

Pro tip: every time they say “The House,” interpret it as “The House Of Representatives.” It makes the whole thing a thousand times better.

Need For Speed Payback will be out on November 10.


  • The takedowns remind me of good old Burnout days, even know the damage is a little less extreme I assume because they are licensed cars being wrecked.

    Hopefully the multiplayer is fleshed out and they skip on the “social” crap this time around.

  • That actually looks like fun, but I could never play it. The voice overs gave me the shits just in those 3 minutes, there’s no way I could put up with that for the entire game.

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