Today's Console Deal: Grab A Nintendo Switch $399

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Being a relatively new console, finding deals on the Nintendo Switch isn't the easiest job in the world. So, when they do come up, best to jump on them as soon as possible. If you have around $400 to spend, well, a Switch could be yours.

As Shannon Grixti over at Press-Start notes, if you hit up EB Games' eBay store, you'll find the Nintendo Switch is available for $469.95.

OK, that's not very exciting. However, until midnight today, if you use the code CRACKER (which is currently valid across all of eBay) at checkout, it'll shave $70 off the price (15 per cent), bringing it down to around $399.

Add $6.95 for postage and the final price is $406.41. Not too shabby if you're in the market for Nintendo's latest and greatest.

Note that the code is only valid for today — check out the OzBargain post for more information, if you want to save some cash on something else.

Nintendo Switch Grey Console - Switch - BRAND NEW [eBay, via Press-Start]


    I grabbed a neon one from Kogan a week back for $410 posted but this is still a pretty great deal.

    Looking forward to mine hopefully arriving before next weekend! Picked up ARMS in anticipation for $65 from BigW.

    According to Vooks Target will have Splatoon 2 for $65 when it drops next month. Stoked with these prices. Only thing I've paid a tad more for is to preorder a JPN copy of Monster Hunter XX at about $80 posted.

    Keen to get stuck in for sure.

      Those three games will the civer the rest of the year for me.

      Arms is fantastic, but I'm going to have to burn myself out on it before splatoon drops because that's going to dominate me.

      Monster Hunter is life. I'm going to buy it on the eshop on day one unless capcom announces a western release before.

        Yup, I reckon even if I got nothing else I'll be set for a good while. If Puyo Puyo Tetris is still floating around at Target for $45 I'd love to grab that too but I'm probably just being a little greedy at this point.

        My hand is a bit stuffed. I'm going to have to try and stay away from the Zelda DLC and let it heal because, yeah, Splatoon2.

      Please tell me you're getting BOTW as yourself a favour and get yourself some of the best game literally ever made.

      After 125+ hours I just built up enough courage to take on Calamity Ganon.......epic.

      I've been holding off on Arms as I didn't want to have to buy another set of joy-cons.......seems people are really enjoying it.

        Where is the hour count in Zelda? I've seen ppl talking about their play time but I can't for the life of me find where this is being recorded in the game! It's frustrating because I would love to know how much time I've poured in.

        Oops, missed this one! Ya I opted to get BOTW for WiiU when it launched as I wasn't totally happy with the cost of the Switch at the time.

        Finally got around to beating it just recently myself - had been putting off Ganon as long as I could too but finally wanted to knock it over so I could get truly stuck into Nier Automata which I was playing a little of in parallel.

    I actually paid a $50 deposit at EB Games just several months ago and I got the Nintendo Switch Neon console bundle for less than the price of an XBOX ONE and less than the price for a PS4 and with Ubisoft's Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 29th that's the next thing I'll be putting on the Nintendo Switch upcoming games list first ARMS then Splatoon 2 then Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle then Pokken Tournament Deluxe and then Super Mario Odyssey in fact that's what I'll do I'll write down a list on what games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year and what games I will be getting when they arrive for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

    Tempting... might have got one if I hadn't discovered Persona. Don't think I'll need a new game for a while.

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