Watch Nintendo's E3 Presentation Right Here!

Image: Kotaku

The big presentations are almost over and — as per tradition — Nintendo is last, with its Nintendo Direct.

We've been promised Mario. A lot of Mario. I am excited about that.

Last year the focus was on Zelda — a game that looked so awesome everyone sort of forgot that was the only thing Nintendo showed off. I hope Mario is around that same level of quality.

A high bar indeed, but Nintendo seems to be on fire recently so I'm confident. Join me here to watch! The presentation starts at 2am!

Everything is FINE.

You can watch here on Twitch!

Or on YouTube...

Oh and we're also doing a Liveblog! Check that out.


    I'd kill for a Metroid Prime: Federation Force sequel reveal. Not even joking, that beer wouldn't make it out of this house alive.

    Well I'm still awake. Finished up my Main Scenario Quest chain for FF14 at almost 1am on the dot and figured I might as well wait it out. I'm already going to be stuffed for work tomorrow so I might as well have something to talk about in the morning

    Why is there an embed of Rooster Teeth's YT channel covering Nintedo's Direct?

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