Watch The First-Ever Hearthstone Series Between Australia And New Zealand

Image: Twitch

There's quite a few Hearthstone tournaments going on right now, though there's one particular match (well, series of matches) you'll want to see. Australia recently went up against New Zealand in the Hearthstone Global Games, pitting the best players of both countries against each other.

Did Australia hero-power NZ into submission, or did the Kiwi contingent overwhelm the Aussies with "mrglmrglmrglmrgl"?

I've queued up the Twitch replay to the beginning of the series, so there's a bit of commentary to start, but if you want to get straight into the first match, you can do that too.

Here is Australia's line-up, which at the time of the match had a tournament record of 1-2:

  • NaviOOT
  • Jowen
  • Ender
  • Twizz

And here are the folks from New Zealand, with a 2-1 record:

  • Pathra
  • TingTong
  • SlayerMax
  • Flamelord

No spoilers, of course, but I can say it's worth a view if you have any interest in Hearthstone and feel a semblance of patriotism. With NaviOOT on its side, Australia's the favourite, but as a Kiwi native, I'm always going to go for NZ.

Hearthstone Global Games — Day 23 [Twitch]


    I want a spoiler. I can be bothered watching a vid. Can someone stick one here in the comments and mask it?

      I really hope that other comment gets lost to the edit bug lol.

      Anyway, the winner:

    At least lag wouldn't be a valid excuse for losing in a game like this.

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