Watch The Nintendo Switch Survive A 1000 Foot Fall

It can survive a thousand foot drop, but I bet it wouldn't survive two minutes with my 17-month-old.

I mean what the hell. I leave it unsupervised in my living room for five minutes and it's covered in scratches. Jesus wept.

Anyway, that's not the point here. The point is: despite looking a little fragile at times, the Nintendo Switch is actually pretty damn sturdy. Also: Zelda is one of the best games ever made. I'm not sure what kind of point I'm trying to make here.


    I can understand the drop tests from a standing height - that's something that can potentially happen in the real world with real use.

    But 1000 feet (304 metres)? The length of 3 football fields? That's just stupid.

      So much of the internet must enrage you with how inapplicable to the real world it all is.

    Can confirm small childs fury is stronger than gravity

      Fury doesn't necessarily come into it - I've known small children who can cause scratches, dings and dents just by being in the same room as stuff, let alone touching it!

    Hmm, there's a few things I'd be interested to analyse here before people go saying it's indestructible:
    - The Switch is fairly light and flat, that's going to increase wind resistance and slow the fall.
    - They taped up the screen and back, increasing stability. (It's the same thing you do for windows in a storm)
    - The left controller broke right off suggesting it took the full force of the impact, not the screen itself.

    I'd like to see this again without the tape and without the controllers to see how it fares.

      I am only just slightly sceptical because the angle/trajectory of the birds-eye view doesn't really match where it eventually landed. Although its possible it floated over to that embankment.

      Would be nice if there was an un-cut view from the top.

        Who's to say they didn't do a dozen takes and just splice together the one with the best result? :-)

      I think just doing it again would have different results. Like you say, it seems to have bounced off the controller.

      Yes, the joycon absorbed the impact. It's part of the console so you can't really say test it without the console. If you drop the switch from an above standing height, it depends on how you drop it for the switch to survive well. Which ways you want the switch to drop though may depend on drop distance. Having a joycon absorb all the impact is good as it is replaceable unlike the main nvidea shield tablet.

    Nintendo Switch’s everywhere support assisted suicide.

    Once people finish Zelda it’s like the Simpsons episode where Homer bowls a perfect game then thinks there’s nothing left to live for.

    does anyone remember a promo photo for the N64 that had a car, with its wheels on top of 4 N64s. ah, i will say whether it was luck and physics for the switch test, nintendo do definitely make the most sturdy consoles and peripherals.

      I think Nintendo actually has specific design requirements for structure integrity, impact resistance, etc., albeit probably not for massive drops like this. From what I remember, the DS Lite had a design requirement that it could survive and still work fine after something like 10 falls onto a hard surface from 1.5m or so, or the average height of the breast pocket on a person's shirt.

    I hate these morons making money off destroying tech, that's a console, phone or other device that could of had a healthy life in the hands of someone who would actually appreciate it for it's uses. I don't care how good or bad it makes a device look they're honestly just complete asshats and acknowledging them/giving them screen time on your site is lame man.

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