Rewatch The PC Gaming Show Livestream Here

Image: Kotaku

If you want to follow the PC Gaming Show live, both for the games and the tech shown off beforehand, then we've got everything you need here.

The show is being livestreamed through Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, the latter being Microsoft's service (previously known as Beam). There's no YouTube embed available right now, and you can't embed Mixer without it autoplaying - and nobody wants that.

So for now, the only option is Twitch. You can watch that below, and I'll add links or embeds the others when they become available:

If you'd like to follow text updates in a separate window, or you can't watch the stream live, here's our liveblog:

The PC Gaming Show E3 2017 Liveblog

Bethesda, EA and Microsoft have come and gone. Next up is the PC gaming show - and if you need to stay up to date, we're liveblogging the whole thing.

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What are you expecting to see from the PC Gaming Show this year?


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