Rewatch The Sony E3 Conference Here!

Image: Sony

The Sony conference kicks off here at 11AM, you should watch it.

Also we're liveblogging here!

Sony's conference is one of the most fun! Mainly because it takes place at a habitable time for Australians. 11AM! Whoo!

I'm keen for this. Hoping to see what From Software is working on.

You can watch it on YouTube!

Or Twitch...


    What are YouTube influencers?

      People with heaps of subscribers that set the tone for youtube content and have channels that can sell things.

      Last edited 13/06/17 10:47 am

    This is the first Sony E3 in many years that hasn't had "The Last Guardian" on the bingo card. It's sorta weird. What's someone even meant to hope for now that it's out?

    Bloodborne 2
    Last of Us 2
    Crash Team Racing cmoooooon

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