We’re Looking For A Reviews And Round-Up Journalist

We’re Looking For A Reviews And Round-Up Journalist

If you’re a journalist obsessed with technology, we’ve got a job for you.

Perhaps you enjoy benchmarking, or comparing phones specs, or arguing about the best video game controllers. Maybe you’re obsessed with keyboards or TV contrast ratios.

This is the type of person we want to hire.

You’ll be working with a world class team of journalists and Editors across Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku. You’ll be learning from the best and you’ll be producing incredible work on a daily basis.

You’re a team player with a flair for communicating complex topics. You’re a team player who wants to make an impact. You write the words that people want to read.

This is a great opportunity for a young journalist looking for their big break, or an experienced journalist looking for a different type of role. We’re not fussy, we just want the best!

For more information head, and details on how to apply, head here!


  • Funny, all the people who complain about Kotaku and not one of them responding here

  • Ok fine, I’ll do it.

    Monday’s a public holiday and I got something else to do on Tuesday, so I will see you Thursday lunch time.

    Oh, and if you could buy me a PS4 Pro before then, that would be great.
    Ok, gotta go, see you 3pm Friday.

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