What Atari Games Would You Want To Play Again?

So while Nintendo are busying making mini consoles and third parties are keeping the Mega Drive alive, Atari is also making ... something. Let's assume it's not a AAA console for a second, but something that leverages Atari's rich history.

What games would you want to play?

The obvious ones that stick out to me are Defender, Tempest and Pong, although there's a huge range of third party games that would be worth reinvestigating as well. Something that I've never forgotten was the crampfest that was Decathlon, although I had more experience with the Commodore 64 version.

Epyx's various Olympic games - California Games, Winter Games and so on - would be cool, and Skate or Die on the Atari ST was a banger. I don't know if Disney would ever allow it, but seeing Star Wars: The Arcade Game or Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle on a mini Atari/retro Atari box would be neat.

What Atari games would you want brought back to life?


    Archon, Blue Max, Bug Hunt, Desert Falcon, Thunderfox. Great fun waaay back in the day.

    Star Raiders
    Miner 2049'er
    Rescue on Fractulus
    The Eidolon
    Koronis Rift
    Alternate Reality, The City
    Solo Flight
    Mercenary, Escape from Targ

    All on the Atari 8Bits.

    Captain Blood, Starglider and Carrier Command on the ST.

    See these are all old titles, I'd want a way to play the PS2 Transformers game (by Melbourne House). I really enjoyed that one.

    Neverwinter Nights.

      A remaster/remake of the first title with all the modding tools in place would be the best.

    Keystone Kapers. Never got to play that game but it's one from the 2600 that I always wanted to try.

    I would like to see a modern day "roguelike" of atari's space shuttle simulator

    good article...... great games ......

    gamers these days hate Atari? well they are kids that dont know the atari 2600

    To be honest , none. These titles are legacy curiousities at best. Atari's games have aged terribly and are barely playable

    Pitfall II

    Beaten every Dark Souls game multiple times?? You don't even know what hard is yet!

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