What Do You Want To See Most From E3?

E3 2017 is just around the corner. It all kicks off in about a week - but what are you most looking forward to?

I've used a picture of ARMS here, but it's the online component of the Switch that I'm really intrigued by. Nintendo has said bugger all about their Virtual Console service, and it'll be interesting to see not only how much it costs, but whether they've responded to any feedback since its announcement, and what additional features it'll come with.

From a pure gaming perspective, I'm keen to see what the campaign for Battlefront 2 looks like. I'm actually hoping that EA's pre-E3 conference is a bit of a cracker: EA has some good Star Wars properties to play with, such as the Uncharted-style game that Amy Henning and Visceral is working on. What happens to FIFA on the Switch will also be fairly important for EA and Nintendo, too.

I'm holding out hope that something about Cyberpunk 2077 will emerge, but I'll settle for seeing a bit more footage from the God of War reboot. I think people might be more on board with the idea given how well Horizon: Zero Dawn worked. I'd expect to see some more Squadron 42 footage from Star Citizen as well at the PC gaming show, and there might be a bit more about Intel's move into VR given that they're sponsoring the event this year.

What are you most looking forward to from this E3?


    An announcement of when Destiny 2's beta will start. Other than that, silently hoping for a quiet E3 this year so I can spend the next 12 months working through my backlog.

      I thought it was June, so I'm anticipating it might be one of those "it's available now!" announcements on the Sony stage.

      All the marketing in the lead up to the announcement said June and then they went Mum on the whole thing. :/

        Eh, they've been saying "late summer" since the reveal, so I doubt it'll be before July. Just would be nice to know

        Yeah i'm praying that's the case. If I remember correctly they did a similar thing with the Alpha for the first Destiny. Wasn't it available "now" or very soon after?

          They announced Alpha registrations at the Sony Conference on 09/062014, which closed on 11/06/2014; alpha ran from 12/06-16/06. Beta then started on 17/07 for Playstation, 23/07 for Xbox, and ran through to 27/07/2014. I'd not be surprised if they're planning a similar
          "2nd half of July" schedule for the beta this time around, too... although I hope they don't screw over Xbox players as much this time around... that was just rude.

            Thanks for the clarification.

            The problem with the "screwing over Xbox players" mentality is that it treats the bonuses playstation players receive as something being taken away from Xbox users. It's not like that at all. It's an extra for playstation players, not a punishment for xbox players.

            I understand the personal frustration, but these bonuses were heavily sign-posted months before the game's release. It wasn't exactly a bait and switch.

              For the record, I play on Playstation; I'm just a firm believer of platform-exclusive gameplay being a generally rude decision by the dev/publisher. I'm not saying Xbox players are being punished - that would be implying they did something wrong - I just hope they get more than 40% of the time with the beta that we get this time around.

                Yeah I get ya, but the beta isn't a right or required playing, it's just a glorified demo. And from my time with the Destiny 1 alpha and beta, you only needed 40% of the time to blast through the content anyway.

                That aside, Without these exclusives we literally have two identical products on the market, which makes no sense. Game exclusives and DLC / content exclusives are how both platforms differentiate themselves.

                What gamers think is "rudeness" is actually a market sustaining itself through competition that's ultimately beneficial for the consumer. If Playstation or Xbox were to bow out (because what's the point when you have identical multiplatform games on identical machines?) then there would be a monopoly and everything would increase in price and decrease in delivery.

    Looking forward to hear what Retro is up to for the Switch. Also hoping for news on Pikmin 4 which was 'mostly done' years ago. We'll get some info about that new Rabbids game, pretty weird one. They'll most likely pull the curtain back on Mario Odyssey too.

    Hoping there will be at least one big unannounced game revealed, possibly Pokemon related although I doubt it this early.

    * Hopefully a reveal about what From Software is working on. I'm not sure I believe this Phantom Wail thing is a real thing?
    * Some stuff on Evil Within 2.
    * Cyberpunk 2077 but probably not.
    * Hey Capcom, did Deep Down fall off the bus? Considering Dark Arisen is coming to PS4, I'm hoping on Dragon's Dogma Online also coming to the west.
    *Ace Combat 7
    * That new Call of Cthulhu game

    -A new current gen Armored Core
    -Ace Combat

    Other than those I am drawing a blank, but I feel like there is more.

    - Hopefully a Borderlands 3 announcement
    - Some news on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and possibly something about Story DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn
    - Battlefront 2 gameplay and potentially a surprise Star Wars game as mentioned in the article
    - More Destiny 2 info
    - Assassin's Creed Origins
    - Some unknown new IP to appear and blow my mind! :P

    I just want Microsoft to deliver something that knocks me out of the park with Scorpio, but I have my expectations set higher than a Bob Marley soundtrack so I feel like I'm inevitably going to be disappointed. A lot of that will depend on how much developer buy-in they can get on the stage that Sony hasn't already tied up in five-year contracts. Again, not optimistic.

    Stretch goal 1 - Make every Xbox a Steam box. :P

    Stretch goal 2 - Vita 2 (yes, really). I'd still much rather do all my gaming on a purpose built handheld and I'm not really a Nintendo guy (I was always a Sega kid) so it'd be nice to see Sony come out with a harder, faster, stronger Vita, but I know they've focussed their energy, like Nintendo, on doing mobile gaming.

    I won't give a flying toss about anything else if they announce I can change my PSN name though. That's all I want for Xma... I mean, E3.

    An announcement that E3 has been cancelled now and forever.

      I love E3 ... but I'd be surprisingly OK with this ...

    I want to see what AAA publishers will have to say about the Switch.

    This doesn't necessarily include actual game reveals or announcements.

    If we're going to be subjected with the likes of Baby's First Fifa or whatever from EA, then I'd rather they not bother. More than enough value for me in the system already with games from Nintendo and its software partners, and then whatever can come to the system via digital means.

    I'm definitely in no mood for Skyrim: Switch Edition, so if 'third parties' (are we still calling them this?) are going to use stuff like that as a barometer instead of something like Minecraft: Switch Edition (that was just dropped on us by surprise anyway) then they only have themselves to blame. I'm expected to buy three copies of every port in the store according to the likes of WB, Ubisoft, etc but that isn't going to happen.

      Why would you play the same game on 3 seperate consoles?

    New Command and Conquer. Come on EA I know you're hiding it.

    Armored Core. Please, I need this. I know they're working on it, just.. show me something. Then hug me and tell me you love me afterwards.

    Also, please Jesus/Allah/Buddha/Shrek/Santa/whoever, make Bloodborne 2 a thing. If that and Armored Core appear at E3, I will literally implode.

    The Last Of Us 2.

    Also I'm kind of curious to see how much talk there is around VR. It was wall to wall coverage back in the lead up to Oculus / Vive / PSVR, but seems to have faded way down into the background. Seeing how much support there is for it at E3 could be an indicator of whether it has a serious future or if it'll be at best a small niche or at worst a fad like motion controls.


    Battlefront 2 & Destiny 2.

    Hoping to god that Battlefront 2 is a similar upgrade to Battlefront 1, as the release in 2005 was to it's predecessor.

    Although I am a PS4 owner, I really only care about what's arriving on the Switch.

    I'd love to hear about:
    - Mario vs Rabbids
    - Monster Hunter XX (esp local releases)
    - Pikmin 4 (if it exists)
    - the Virtual Console
    - What Retro are doing
    - What From Software and Platinum are doing (considering their logos were listed during the initial reveal)

    A surprise drop of both the final Dead Rising 4 DLC, and the missing Recore bot; I'd really like to start both of these games and knock over 100% of both before the incoming storm of games in a few months, but need to collect all the game data bits for them first! Otherwise, I'm strangely calm about the impending E3 storm.

    PSVR... New games with Aim support - Perhaps a few AAA titles coming into VR with the Aim?
    I know... im dreaming...

    Red Dead 2 extended gameplay
    South Park fractured butt whole release date
    All this year's sports games updates from EA - sad but true... i love hearing about the little bits that make games we know and love better

    More VR racing games... Dirt 4 just announce you're releasing VR and ill get on board!

    I'm loving the Gwent beta so I hope that they pull an available now and we can all be playing the full version with fingers crossed a mobile version. I really want to sync my card collection from my PC to Xbox and my phone

    I want to see From Softwares new IP and some Last of Us 2 gameplay please.

    - More Destiny 2 info, and date for the beta
    - Main Pokemon game for the Switch (either Stars, or the next Gen)
    - Smash Bros U Deluxe
    - Kingdom Hearts 3 (seriously.. how long will we have to wait?!)
    - Horizon DLC

    Super Smash Bros for the Switch and an actual release date for Super Mario Odyssey.

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