What Game Have You Enjoyed The Most This Year?

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E3 is just around the corner, meaning we're only days away from being inundated with information about new games, new system updates, Project Scorpio specs, the whole shebang. But rather than look forward, for this week's Big Question I'd like to look back.

We're almost halfway done with the year, and there's been plenty of standout releases so far. More people bought the Legend of Zelda on the Switch in the US than the actual Switch itself. Horizon: Zero Dawn has been a massive winner for Sony and Guerrilla Games. Some Aussie games have had a good run as well, with Hollow Knight praised up hill and down dale.

You've got fan favourites as well that have delivered on their mission statements: Wildlands did exactly what most Ghost Recon fans wanted, and Mario Kart on the Switch has all the blue shell nightmares that people know and love. Japan's been well represented too: Nioh and NieR: Automata have gone down a treat, as has Persona 5 and Yakuza 0. Everyone also got a taste of one of the best remasters in years as well, with Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.

All in all, it's been a good year.

But what have you enjoyed the most? Was it something released in 2017, or something older?


    Friday the 13th. Honestly, the most fun I've had online all year all thanks to the community.

    Cripes, dude. Hard ask, much? I've had Andromeda, Horizon, Wildlands, Nioh, The Surge, Prey, Yakuza to compete with each other in just the first few months of the year! Ask me to pick which is my favourite child, why dontcha?

    Project Diva Future Tone and Puyo Tetris top my enjoyment charts for games this year (so far).

    Probably Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Edit: although Steins;Gate would be a very close second!

    Also had fun playing Alienation with my mate.

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    Persona 5. Just when I start to fewl dungeon fatigue I usually clear the castle and then spend time with the characters. So many aspects of the game smoothed from p3 and 4. Also if you can make something look cool they don't hesitate to!

    In terms of current games, probably Injustice 2. For a game that's just 3 weeks old I have sunk more time into it as though I've been playing Fifa for 3 months (160+ hours!). I have largely stuck with Xbox "backwards compatible" titles while awaiting new releases (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 among many other games). Life is Strange was a cheap Xbox digital pick up.... but a quality experience that I enjoyed to the point of buying it again on the ps4 (so I could also own the soundtrack cd!).

    Probably Batman: A Telltale Series. Same old formula, monumental stakes. It's been fun :)

    Been playing the following this year:

    NES Mini: seriously, this thing is wonderful. I love the selection of games on it, and I think the frugal amount that Nintendo went with actually helps things. Too many gems would end up cancelling them all out.

    Pokemon Soul Silver (original save game, the Pokemon Bank/inter-operability with Pokemon White 2 and the latest 3DS games has spurred me on to try and do more of the post-game stuff).

    Overwatch, by some cosmic joke I have managed to avoid each of the 'events'. I either am too busy to get games in when there's one on or I just have other games on the boil.

    Hardly touched me PS4, even though I grabbed the Dark Souls 3 DLC and Last Guardian.

    As for the Switch, well. I got it at launch. I don't play Zelda as much as potter around in the game's world. I've unlocked the entire map but only done one of the beast dungeons. I am equal parts amazed and wistful for 'old 3D' Zelda. I have many different conflicting feelings about this game. Got Mario Kart straight away, played it a few times but it is very much my 'couch party' game. The demos and beta test stuff have been *okay* but I'm deliberately holding my ground on buying too much before E3.

    No, the game that has got me wound up the most this year has been Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Like Zelda, I have a love-hate relationship with it and it's about as different a game from Zelda as possible. I am forsaking other games for this one right now because my experience with stuff like DayZ has made me wiser. The game's time is now, it won't be as compelling as this ever again.

    "Enjoyed" is such a broad term... My GotY thus far is Nier: Automata because of its storytelling and themes, but I'm not sure it's correct to say I "enjoyed" my time with it... on a pure gameplay level, Nioh's probably at the top of my list.

    Yakuza 0, Battlefield 1 and PES 2017.

    Those are about the only games I've had time to play this year!

    Uh. Well, I've sunk nearly another 400 hours into Splatoon since January. Versus a hundred on BotW (which I sorely need to return to and finish), so pretty much by definition Splats wins out >_>

    Persona 5 is basically the only i have played for months. I refuse to play anything else until i finish it.

    Actually not true whole my wife watched master chef I've been playing WiiU games in tablet mode. I'm not sure yet whether i really want the switch or am just hyped and nostalgic...

    Considering that Prey is the only game i have bought new this year so i guess... Prey.

    Easily Zelda. Probably the best game of the decade for me. It's going to he a hard one to top.

    Zelda is obviously amazing and I have been loving it. But in terms of games that surprised me with how great they are, I have to go with Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 (which I am a bit over halfway through). So many of the great games from 2017 that I haven't had a chance to play yet though!

    Aside from Mass Effect: Andromeda and Horizon: Zero Dawn I haven't been super keen with much this year. I've mostly been enjoying replaying LEGO games. They're fun to chill out with while half watching the TV.

    Sup far this year I've enjoyed Titanfall 2 multiplayer and Watch Dogs 2 both great games

    I also spent two weeks addicted to Paladins fwiw even though it is a carbon copy of Overwatch

    Ironically the other game I've had xa blast with this year has been Team Fortress 2 on Steam really wish this would come to consoles

    Hollow Knight, such a good love letter to metroidvania style games but it also has it's own themes, unique characters and twist on the genre which make it special.

    The Surge was pretty damn good too, much better than I expected and doesn't deserve the 'Darksouls lite' simplistic tag it's been given.

    Haven't played many games released this year, but honestly loved For Honor. Have backed away from it a bit now and am now Enjoying AFL Evolution (I know).
    Still having most fun smashing Overwatch though

    Been super time poor this year, but loved RE7. I'm a big Horror gaming fan & this hit all the right and grisly notes for me.
    Liking Horizon too, however I think its game of 2 halves...with the back half far superior to the first 15 hours or so.

      I was surprised to not see RE7 mentioned in the article, and it taken so far down the comments for it to come up! Has it already been forgotten after all the other great games that followed?

    Crash Bandicoot, Patapon, MHX, Don't Starve, and Teleglitch.

    Without a doubt Zelda: BotW.

    I've only really played a few games this year and have enjoyed them all, though. Finished SOMA with friends over a couple of nights, did a couple of playthroughs of Dishonored 2, and still play Overwatch regularly with mates.

    Currently playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda. Have gotten to the point where it's now really starting to feel like classic Mass Effect, pottering around the Tempest and hanging with my space buds. Those moments are great and nostalgic. It's such a shame that, even after all the patches, I'm still running into so many glitches and bugs that are immersion-breaking at best and game-crashing at worst.

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