What Retro Games Would You Want Remade For Phones?

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So SEGA is bringing some of their classics back to mobiles every two weeks. It's a neat idea, and it begs the question. It's not technically complicated to get games like Golden Axe or Sonic going on your phones, given how far they've come, so what else from your childhood would you like to return?

It'd take a bit of work, but I'd really love an old-school version of Gauntlet with some kind of multiplayer over local wireless. There's not a great deal of controls required, so making it work on a touchscreen interface shouldn't be too difficult.

Something I'd like to see reworked - although the interface could use a modern touch - is some of SSI's old games. I'm thinking Fantasy General, Panzer General, and some of their space 4X epics as well. A lot of those hex-based strategy games could work quite nicely on tablets if you didn't want to rework the UI. Hell, if it's possible to make Imperium Galactica playable on a phone, surely someone can work out how to get Star General going.

So tell us, dammit. What retro games would you like to see given the mobile treatment? Zero points for mentioning Freelancer. Everyone wants that one day, right?


    Dungeon Master

      Yes, turn based RPGs like this where you had to click the screen to move are a perfect fit for touch screens.

        Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle etc would be cool.

        I'd be keen to see original RTS games like Warcraft and Command and Conquer, even Dark Reign and Total Annihilation ported over. Not sure whether the screen would be too small and the units to fiddly to select and control with a finger though.

        Would also love to see all those arcade side scrollers like R-Type make it on.

          I doubt RTS games would work - I've given a few a crack over the years, and you just don't have enough finesse when controlling via a touchscreen. Trying to click on individual units would be next to impossible for something the scale of TA.

            Yeah that's what I thought. I'd still like to see some of the simpler ones given a try - like I said I think Warcraft and C&C would be worth a shot. And hey, even if they didn't work well on phone you could always use a tablet.

          Same & Max/DotT/Monkey Island etc - all those old LucasArts games work brilliantly with ScummVM on phones.

            Oh wow. I didn't know about ScummVM. Looks like a sort on emulator. Thanks for that. I'm gonna give it a whirl.

    I haven't played a ton of it, but would Syndicate work well with touch controls?

      Could be tricky on a small screen. Maybe with a stylus on a bigger phone perhaps?

      I think it would. I want it

    I could see Pokemon playing really well on a phone

    Mario World, Zelda: A link to the past and Command & Conquer Red Alert.

    "Defender of the Crown" - mainly because my copy on the Commodore 64 was dodgy and kept crashing, so I never managed to finish it.

      Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 on steam or GoG has Defender of the Crown for PC, i mean if you really wanted it.

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    PAPER BOY. Not that shitty VR delivery boy game.

    The NES light gun games could work.

    Sid Meiers Sim Golf.

    Would be perfect for the mobile.


      My thoughts exactly! Certainly for phones anyway.
      I could see something like the earlier suggestion of Dungeon Master being fun on a tablet, but why just remake it when you would create something new and better! Legend of Grimrock did a fantastic job of reviving that old style of game! I'd love to see something like that, but different!

    All the old DOS RPG games... the early Ultimas (I have Ultima 4 for IOS and it just works!) and the SSI Gold Box games :)

    Pokemon Red.

    At least that is the earliest one I can remember.

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