What Was The First Game You Ever Paid Money For?

I love asking questions almost as much as I love listening to answers. Last week at E3, I got to do both!

I asked E3 attendees three little questions (about video games), hoping to get three big answers out of each and every body. In this video right here, you can witness some of the fun we all had.

The first question was this: What was the first game you ever bought with your own money? Many people provided great answers — for example, "the original Legend of Zelda". Ah, how I wish that was the first game I myself bought. No, I did not buy the original Legend of Zelda with Grandma's Christmas Money in 1988, the fateful year our regular answer of "Nintendo is The Real Video games" finally defeated our mum's argument of "Youse boys already got an Atari, and all those Atari tapes I got youse at the garage sales". The Original Legend of Zelda was far too beauteous and coveted to be in stock at the toy stores of Wichita, Kansas. Instead, that particular Boxing Day, I purchased Double Dragon for the Nintendo Entertainment System, because other Year 4 students were fools, liars or both: They just couldn't stop insisting that particular game had "Two-Player Simultaneous". They were wrong. Me and my brother beat that game anyway.

Anyway, let's hear your answers!

What were the other two questions? And what wonderful answers did a varied assortment of beautiful E3 attendees provide? Well, you'll find out later!


    Gain Ground on the Master System - went in looking to get a copy of Alex Kidd that a mate had inbuilt on his MS2 not realising that it wasn't possible to purchase as a cartridge. Cracked the sads as a young bloke does and petulantly grabbed Gain Ground because it was the closest to hand.
    Absolute no regrets! that music still gets hummed to this day some 20 odd years later.
    Best random purchase of my life.

    UN Squadron on my Commodore 64...can't even remember how much but it was probably terribly overpriced!!

    Probably Super Mario 64. Although I technically did not pay for it, I did use my $500 target gift voucher I won (Yay for MS Readathon before it got crazy). It was the start of me saving up for games which is still happening till this day.

    Daikatana. There's a reason I stuck to console games for the next twelve years.

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      Lol just from the name, i knew this would give you scars FOR LIFE!

    SSX on the PS2, we pirated everything before that on a mod chipped PS1 and a mate of my father in law gave us tonnes of pc games.

    I think the first one I every bought with my own money was probably Kung Fu Master for Atari 2600. Was birthday gift money.
    I think the first game I bought with money I earned from working, was Sam N Max Hit The Road for PC.

    Not that the author will ever see it as it's a US article, but Double Dragon on the Master System did have multiplayer mode included.

    Otherwise, I'm racking my brain trying to remember what would be my first. There's a couple of standouts, but I can't help but think there must be something earlier. First real decent console of my own was the Mega Drive. But I was young enough that pretty much every game for it had to be purchased for me.
    The earliest I can remember is Mickey's Racing Adventure on GBC. As lame as it sounds [I was even 13 at the time], it's actually an incredibly great little game. In fact, I think I'm going to pop it in and give it a go when I get home tonight.

    Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries

    First one with my own cash. I still miss that series.

    It was either Destroy All Humans for PS2 or Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for PC. Both of them were only $20 each.

    fatal racing i think, god i loved that game

    I started on PC. I think the first game I bought with my own money (rather than as a present) was Quest for Glory. I still remember the day. "Hmm... this looks like my favourite game 'Hero's Quest' but with more colours" (my monitor at the time only showed four colours for most things). My excitement was through the roof when I realised it was the same game (there was a name change due to a trademark dispute). I'd never finished it properly because the "noone-knew-about-piracy" copy we got off my uncle was bugged for half the map.

    First game I bought myself was Goldeneye 64 using a combination of my saved up pocket money and birthday money.
    Gotta say it was a great game for an 11yo to buy. :P

    I can't remember whether it was Commander Keen or the original Doom. My family had a ColecoVision system when I was a kid but I never bought games for that. The first game I spent my own money on (without buying) though would have been Space Invaders way back when it was cutting edge.

    Snoopy Tennis on the old Nintendo Game and Watch handheld. Still have it and it's still working after 30+ years. Worth a bit of coin these days.

    (out of my own money) International Karate on Commodore 64.

    Heroes Quest "so you want to be a hero" by Sierra, renamed into Quest For Glory because of copyright issues.

    Probably some horrible bloody shareware thing from down the local markets.

    Pitfall: the Mayan adventure on mega drive. Wasn't a great game lol.
    Cost my 10 year old self $40 which was a fortune back then!

    First game I owned was batman returns on megadrive. My parents bought the system for my brother and I for an early Xmas gift. Brother got Tazmania.
    I can't remember never being more exited than I was that day. Ah memories :) thanks mum and dad xox

    Pokemon Red was the first game I can remember spending my own saved birthday money on.

    Either that or Sam & Max: Hit the Road but I think I might have convinced dad to buy me that one for my birthday.

    Didn't really buy games, parents did. I do remember spending my cash instead on an awful lot of blank CPC discs. In more modern times I think the first game I can actually remember buying was Scorcher for PC.

    Jill Of The Jungle for $2.

    To this day I don't remember if it was legal or not, but it was from a shop in Australia owned by white guys, so... *Shrugs*

    Super Smash Bros. Melee, along with the Gamecube, was the first game/console I ever bought with my own money.

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