What's Your Favourite Season?

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Just the other day a friend, or maybe my partner, was remarking at how Sydney was starting to turn. Winter was finally approaching proper, which was neatly timed since we were also in the midst of getting excited about Game of Thrones.

So that led to today's Off Topic: what's the best season of the year?

The question often comes down to a "do you like the heat or the cold", and between the two I'm more a fan of the cold. My argument is that you can add layers a lot more easily than you can take them off. That's especially the case if you don't have air conditioning, although I'm fortunate enough not to live in a place where the temperature drops below zero frequently.

But there's more to a year than just the bitter cold and the searing heat. There's the blooming springtime, with all the pollen and hayfever it brings, and the falling leaves of autumn. Weather wise, the autumn months are probably perfect as far as the eastern states are concerned. But having grown up in the Southern Highlands, it's really the spring and the rejuvenation of the landscape that stands out to me.

So. You've got four seasons in a year. Which one makes you feel the best?


    Autumn. Cold enough not to die, warm enough not to die. And landscape gets rather pretty.

    Winter. It's easier to warm up than it is to cool down.

    Winter is best, but Autumn comes a close second as it starts to get colder. Gimme those shorter days, where you can wake up at a reasonable hour and actually watch the sun rise over morning wake-up coffee.

    Early autumn (March/April). I live in Canberra, and autumn is when the city looks absolutely beautiful and the weather is perfect.

      Canberra represent!

      I'm a warm-weather person generally, so I love Spring because it means Winter is buggering off. Living in an old apartment with poor insulation and no proper heating means Winter is hell.

    I saw the title and picture, and thought you were asking about favourite season of GoT (season 1 btw)!

    Summer, baby! Days at the beach, balmy evenings, a constant stream of weekend barbecue invitations, scantily clad femme fatales as far as the eye can see, Christmas and NYE (okay, I know it's often disappointing), Cricket, the Australian Open. The list goes on.

    Spring, Alice Springs is hell on both extremes. Leaving a frying pan on my mates troopy bonnet during summer I can nearly cook an egg from a cold start on the engine and last winter our spa had a layer of ice on top.

    I thought you meant season of a tv show....so Im going to answer that question...

    PrisonBreak - Season One - almost a perfect season of television which only suffers when you look at every season afterwards. The first season encapsulated so many great aspects of a selection of genres; mystery, crime, thriller, prison-set melodrama and moulded it into a tight story that had an intriguing premise, excellent twists and a super satisfying payoff. Why oh why did they make more.

    Summer > Spring > Autumn >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Winter.

    I hate short days and driving home from work in the dark. Its miserable.

    Summer in the NT. Winters to cold and "spring" and "autumn" are blistering hot and humid. Summer it cools down a bit again and is a nice 37 average with regular storms

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