Who Won E3 2017?

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E3 2017 continues, but all of the major conferences have come and gone. And that means it's time for you to decide the thing that really matters: who won E3.

It's a bit superfluous to say who "won" amongst giant corporations, especially since what happens behind closed doors is often more important than what gets shown off to the public. But publishers and developers put in an awful amount of time getting their conferences and presentations right. It's not uncommon for the platform holders especially to judge how their messaging played out against each other, and so it's only more than fair for us to judge how they did.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that most people probably won't be nominating Microsoft or EA this year. EA's conference might have won on the cringe front - they really doubled down on hiring influencers as presenters, and it seems like their entire strategy is just maximising the amount of use they can get out of each streamer/YouTuber's fanbase - but Anthem was the biggest game in their lineup, and the gameplay reveal wasn't in their conference.

Sony's conference was a bit flat too. It was just a string of trailers back to back, with no announcements on what might happen to the Vita, no announcements on improvements to the system software, storefront or other services.

Nintendo on the other hand. Good god. Metroid Prime 4. A core Pokemon game for the Switch. Breath of the Wild DLC at the end of the month. And getting Rocket League on the Switch is an incredibly savvy move, provided the performance isn't too choppy.

For what it's worth, I liked Ubi's conference. No Aisha Tyler was ... I don't know if it was on her so much or the way Ubisoft scripted her, but the conference was a lot snappier this time around and with less real-life memes.

So who won E3? Vote below!


    Can there be a joint winner? I'd say Microsoft-Nintendo for proving that cross platform between consoles can happen. Minecraft is massive and having it on the Switch with all of the same bells and whistles is a massive coup for both companies. Likewise Rocket League cross platform play is a great move.

    I honestly hope that this is a beginning of a what could be a fruitful partnership between the companies.

    Nintendo was very good but just a title card announcement for Metroid was kinda lame. It felt like MS had the biggest and most packed conference.

    Sony had games everyone already knew about interspersed with akward shots of a bored audience along with a VR section which was listless

    Ubisoft was really good. Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks incredible

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    I voted for Nintendo but was seriously impressed with Ubisoft this year. With Origins, Far Cry 5, Beyond Good and Evil, Skull and Bones and Mario + Rabbids is looking like one of their best year's presentation ever.


    The start and the Mario + Rabbids reveal, the dev's emotions... so good.

    Where do I vote for 'ME'?
    So many good games to look forward to over the next 12 months (maybe, you know...E3 is like a magic crystal ball...it shows you things but WHEN is always a bit of a guess).

    Anyway. I won. Me. Consumer whore :)

    Ehhh. Pretty meh on everything this year, the best parts were probably Mario + Rabbids actually looking like a good game, Last Night looking fucking gorgeous, and that Mario Odyssey song sounding amazing.

    It's probably between Sony and Ubisoft for me. Then again, all the shows were disappointing. Loved all of Sony's games, but there were no real surprises and Ubisoft had a couple of goodies in there. As for the rest, I checked out Bethesda and that was rubbish and the other conferences just don't interest me.

      It was surprisingly lack lustre this year for sure! Still think Sony or Ubi showed off the best games. Microsoft told me why i dont really need an xbox one x and EA displayed why you dont ask youtube creators to run the show!!!

      I didnt catch Nintendo I see they brought out some awesome things

    Nintendo didn't do that much really.

    Metroid is better than No Metroid... but it will probably be released in 2019/2020 and who knows if it will be good or not. Kirby and Yoshi look ok... but aren't very interesting.

    On the other hand, Rabbids and Odyssey both look great. With Spla2n and ARMS, their 2017 is really solid.

    I still want to see a Western release for MH on the Switch.

    Nintendo probably won by default, though Sony and Bethesda probably had things that most interested me. Honestly this year was pretty poor - a significant portion of it was dusting off existing IP, or in some cases existing games getting another release.

    Weak E3 this year. Going with Nintendo.

    Sony "Won" for me in that they announced a couple of titles I was interested in. Other than that none of the companies really did anything noteworthy.

    Pretty disappointed with the lack of many new IP's. Most of what we saw was whoring off existing titles, interspersed with devs trying to get us to care about VR.

    Need a vote option for 'no-one'.
    Wolfenstein inpressed me but i need to see more than just a title card to get excited about Metroid.

    There was no real stand out this year, all of them had a couple decent announcements but for me, theres no clear winner.

    Nintendo & Ubisoft for me, with my vote just going to Nintendo for continuing not to cave & just 'do whatever the other two do'. Still don't understand all of their decisions or propensity to shoot themselves in the foot, but some solid - and very different - looking games coming out from them. I am tired & jaded of the standard yearly AAA release schedule.

    Ubisoft too - so over their homogenised game design - they build gret worlds/cities but fill them with terrible/average gameplay & missions, but their showing this time spoke to me much more with some great things coming.

    Didn't think much of Sony's but that's fine, they can have a year off after Persona 5 & Horizon blew my face off (& Horizon is one of the few games for which I'll consider buying dlc).

    MS... Hmm, tough one. I'm primarily an Xbox-er & I've used my One more than my Switch & PS4 combined over the last 12 months. I sit here though strongly doubting if i'll be able to say the same in 12 months. Maybe i'll change my mind, buy the X and get all the multiplats for it, but otherwise i see little point when my PS4 pro handles everything perfectly? Except the store. I still can't stand the PS store.

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    Maybe sony. There was a number of things that increased my desire to get a PS4 although not enough to push me over.
    Switch might be more interesting if they had more details about a pokemon game but saying oh there will totally be one doesn't really count for me.
    Games wise Metro and Wolfenstein were the biggest for me

    In the absolute minority here but i am going to give it to EA for Battlefront 2 alone that's how poor this years E3 was for me.

    Xbox conference was "Here is a new console and here is 50 games that will make you realize the Xbox you have already is enough", Sony was "you loved last years presentation so here is the gameplay for the games from last year coming 2018* (*unless there is any delay making them fall to 2019)" and Nintendo was "how hyped can i get the community from a powerpoint slide for Metroid?"

    Everyone who ignored it, everyone working to make E3 a thing of the past, everyone who looked at the picture of the past week and decided that it wasn't quite right.

    I voted Nintendo, because there were some titles there our household was excited about - assuming we ever buy a switch.

    Mostly we were disappointed all around. Compared to previous years where we came away with a big list of games we wanted to play, there were only maybe one or two titles this year. Honestly, we were more excited about the new KH3 trailer that dropped the other day.

    I voted for Microsoft and Ubisoft (and I actually dislike Ubisoft's games in recent years). I think Nintendo get away with far too much considering half their announcements were just "We're making a game, it's called *insert beloved franchise name*" No gameplay, no trailer.

    That being said, next year Nintendo are likely to take the cake.

    Ubisoft had a lot of games to show, with what looks like some refreshing changes and overhauls to some of their franchises. They showed ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE of almost all of them too.

    Ditto for Microsoft, plus the fact that they are making so many consumer friendly choices and putting pressure on other big companies in the industry.

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    Who gives a shit? No one won E3. Its not a competition. Just a bunch of whiny fanbois looking to justify their console of choice.

    Microsoft. Come on it was a great 10 min overview of the X then just gametrailers for 45 mins straight! How was that not the greatest thing ever. Sony's was a bore fest. Bethesda I'm sure people actually were hype for, but nothing interested me personally, so what else can I say. Ubisoft was a complete CRINGE fest. That whole show was so bad... & Nintendo was well. Nintendo. Super great announcements and all, but far from owning it. Didn't watch the EA one. Devolver Digital was kinda fun.

    Gotta say though. Pokémon RPG!!! I've been waiting half my life for this game. Yus!!!

    My allegiance lies at where da games are at.

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    Tied between Sony and Nintendo for me (if only for the confirmation that a core Pokemon Switch game is coming).

    Pretty tame year all things considered. I mean, I loved the Metroid announcement simply on principle and would say Nintendo had a "better" showing but that's not saying much given how weak everyone else has been (Mario Odyssey looked really good as well).

    I mean, Anthem looked really cool but all all intents and purposes, it is EA's answer to Activision's Destiny, so it was hard to not say this looks a little familiar. What else? Wolfenstein 2 was probably the other standout surprise. Beyond G&E 2 trailer is too far removed from the original to know whether it has any connection. That's probably it for me regarding things that stood out to me. So yeah, tame year overall.

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