Okay this is Aloy and a Watcher from Horizon: Zero Dawn at E3.

Incredible cosplay right?

Yeah nah. Wait till you see this thing actually move.

It even has the noises. Wow.

Just wow.

We can be heroes. Just for one day. #E32017 #Aloy

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    No fair! Cosplay is not suppose to be that accurate!

      Are you kidding? That is the level every cosplayer aspires to

    Does anyone know who these guys are?

      Given the accuracy, they might actually be the characters themselves and have just left the game for a break to see what the human do.


        If that's the case it's probably to thank Michael.
        For all he does for all of us. To Michael.

    Not usually into cosplay but this is very impressive.

    That is professional level animatronics surely.

      Does it count as animatronic if there is person inside?

      I though animatronic meant the whole unit was remote control with no human parts inside.

        with no human parts inside
        No way! I was sure the animatronics at Disneyland all had different parts of Walt Disney inside!

          Well, smoking does tend to do funny things to the human body.


    Isn't that the same woman who did the same cosplay at PAX Aus last year?

    Also... "Yeah nah" Serrels? You've officially been in Australia too long dude lol

    Wondering how short the person inside the mech suit is, how easy it is to move and how heavy and hot the whole rig gets after a few hours.

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