Xbox One Will Get Compatibility With Original Xbox Games

Microsoft is expanding Xbox One's backward compatibility program to the first Xbox, it said today at its E3 media briefing. Original Xbox games will begin appearing on the platform later this year.

"OG games will look better and play better across the Xbox One family," said head of Xbox Phil Spencer. He called out one single game that will be part of the Xbox library on Xbox One: Crimson Skies, the fan-favourite aerial dogfight game.


    Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg.

    The nice thing about this though, is that the OG Xbox versions of most multi platform games were the best versions of the game that was released. That combined with some nice upscaling, and this will be sweet as :).

    This was the most ridiculous thing they announced at the briefing; what's next - back compat with Win3.1 games? ;)

    Now if only there was a converter for the Joysticks that came with Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion 2 Line of Contact

      There is. Original Xbox used USB with a custom connector. You can get adapters that replace the Xbox head with a standard USB head. They plug into the strain relief disconnect on the controller cable.

      Some people were able to get them working on PC before for some of the Mechwarrior games.

      It's whether MS decides to support it or not

    And I guess that scuttled any plans for a HD remake of Jet Set Radio Future

    Hoping for Jet Set Radio Future backwards compatibility, although that game had problems on the 360 so fingers crossed it gets another look at.

    So the Xbox One will play Xbox 1 games.

      This is my most favourite thing anyone has ever said. Well done sir

    Very much hoping that Stubbs the Zombie will become backwards compatible. I can't find any decently priced copies and I only ever got to play it as a demo.
    If it's backwards compatible with a digital version too (most likely everything will be), I'll be over the moon.

      Here's hoping. I loved that game; I am sad on your behalf that you only got to play a demo

    Hopefully Jade Empire and Brute Force get the compatibility treatment

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