You Can Get A Nvidia GeForce GTX USB Thumb Drive

You Can Get A Nvidia GeForce GTX USB Thumb Drive

Nvidia’s April Fool’s prank was actually pretty funny — a USB drive, “packed with deep learning algorithms”, that’ll game for you when you’re busy or eating pizza. That USB drive — the storage bit, not the crazy AI bit — is real, and you can get one. Here’s how.

One caveat — you’ve got to be at the E3 expo in LA, and be a member of the press or an influencer, to get a hold of one easily — Nvidia’s giving them out at its booth to anyone that has a meeting booked in. If I get a hold of one, I’ll give it away to you guys!

If you want a better chance, though, download GeForce Experience and sign up to Nvidia’s newsletter — that’s where you’ll have a chance to win one of 1080 freebies.

If you want more opportunities to win, jump onto YouTube and start spamming comments:

Gamers have another way to win GeForce GTX hardware with NVIDIA’s ‘E3 is Game Ready’ contest, which includes a treasure trove of over $100,000 in prizes. Gamers talking about the games at E3 they’re excited to play on PC, using the ‘#GameReady’ and ‘#E3’ hashtags, could be selected to receive something from the prize pool. Subscribers to the GeForce YouTube channel can leave a #GameReady comment on any E3 2017 video for a chance to win.

You can win anything from a thumb drive to headsets and Oculus Rifts and GeForce GTX 1080 Tis and a complete gaming rig. Seems worth it to me. [Nvidia]


Gizmodo traveled to E3 as a guest of Xbox.


  • Well a chance to gain one is better than nothing, but man, I was hoping that they’d just sell them through their own store considering Australia can now buy through it (unlike when I bought their old themed SLI bridge that I had to order through a reshipping company).
    Totally have to get one no matter what to go with my Nvidia-themed computer. 😛

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