You Can Play Cricket On The Front Page Of Google

Image: Google

If you need an extra bit of help wasting time today, Google's got your back.

To celebrate the ICC Champions Trophy, a shorter form of cricket than the five-day spectacle the sport is often savaged for, Google has done everyone a solid by adding a new time-waster to their front page. It's basically Stick Cricket meets Google, with two cute crickets taking the place of the batters, and snails representing the fielding team.

To play, just head to the Google front page:

From there, either press the play icon with your mouse or finger. (Alternatively, you can get there via this link.) You'll then be presented with the cutest pitch:

From there it's a matter of just timing your swing as soon as the ball is nearby. The longer you play, the faster the game gets - and the greater the variations, too. You don't need to worry about running between the wickets, run rates or most of the actual machinations of cricket: just see ball, hit ball.

It's a pretty decent way to kill a Thursday (or Friday) afternoon. That said, it's not perfect. I can think of one change Google could make:

Image: Kotaku

There, much better.


    Well... I know what I'm doing at work tonight. :D

    got to 93 and a slow ball got me, got to 96 and i super fast yorker got me. guy next to me managed 132

      lol my best is 133

    237 on second game. Found that it actually gets a lot easier once it speeds up after 100ish.

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