You'll Be Able To Watch Sony’s PlayStation Live E3 Event Here

Image: Sony

We're a few days out from E3, but that doesn't mean we can't get some discussion going on the Sony front. Sure, there's no PS5 in the wings and Death Stranding will be just as befuddling as it always was. It's the wild speculation and unbridled anticipation that counts, right?

Sony's conference won't start until 13 June at 11am on Australia's east cost, or 0900 AWST / 1030 ACST / 1100 AEST / 1300 NZST for the timezone-conscious.

In terms of actual viewing, you can hit up the company's PlayStation site for the direct stream once it goes live on Tuesday, but it'll also be available via Twitch if that's your bag:

Will Spider-Man or God of War open the proceedings? Perhaps there's some Final Fantasy shenanigans we don't know about? Sony's virtual reality gear should make an appearance, but how much of it will be the focus?

Of course, Sony's not the only company with something to show off this year (well, we hope so). The rest of the gang, which includes Microsoft, Ubisoft and Nintendo, have their own schedules lined up.

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    Please show nothing of interest coming out in the next 12 months. Give me a chance to make some kind of dent - even a scratch - in my backlog.

      Lol, not a chance. Sony always seem to have some kind of awesome up their sleeves. Really looking forward to this year's show.

    The dates wrong, shouldn't it be the 13th June for Australia, not the 12th?

      Thanks mattehus, you're right and I've fixed the date. With so many conferences lined up it's easy to lose track.

    @Logan Booker, can you contact Sony and get them to fix the incorrect start time showing on their Twitch page? It says 5 pm PST, but that is wrong. It's 5pm PDT because of daylight savings over in the US. If people tune in at 5pm PST, they will have missed out on the first hour of the presentation.

    I've already sent a tweet at @Playstation to correct the error, but I don't think they will bother.

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