‘Zero To Legend’ Hearthstone Player Banned For Using Free Win Priest Exploit

‘Zero To Legend’ Hearthstone Player Banned For Using Free Win Priest Exploit

Hearthstone streamer Disguised Toast was recently in the news after hitting Legend — the game’s highest rank — with a free-to-play Hunter deck. Now he’s back in the spotlight… for the wrong reasons; Toast’s been banned from the game temporarily for using an exploit that lets you farm free wins.

It’s important to note that Disguised Toast didn’t find the exploit — he was made aware of it and decided to try it out live on stream.

He wasn’t using it for personal gain either, it looks he was just experimenting in friendly matches.

And the exploit worked, which was both good and bad. Good, in that Toast probably got a lot of views out of it. Bad in that Blizzard was one of those views and was quick to deliver a blow with its trusty, well-known Hammer of You-Play-No-More.

Disguised Toast revealed his 72-hour ban via his Twitch stream:

If you hit up his stream now you’ll see he’s still playing Hearthstone, he’s just using his free-to-play account on the European servers. So all in all, the ramifications for Toast aren’t massive and three days from now, the consequences will be behind him.

For obvious reasons I won’t detail how the exploit works, but essentially, it involves using certain spells of the Priest class in combination with minion duplication effects.

Apparently Blizzard is aware of the bug and is working on a fix, though unsurprisingly, there’s be no official confirmation.

Given Disguised Toast was banned because of it, it’s a safe bet someone at the company has figured it out. For now, players should be wary of Priest players using weird spell combos… which can be a difficult thing to tell because, well, it’s Priest.

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