45 Minutes From Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

45 Minutes From Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

A whole bunch of footage has dropped online overnight from previews of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Like the trailer yesterday, it covers the strawberry milkshake scene, but this time you get to see everything leading up to that point.

There’s a wide range of footage depending on where you look, but the one below from Arekkz Gaming offers some solid context. The footage begins from your encounter with Frau Engel, who remains as horrific as you’d expect, before rolling into the cutscene that triggers a mission to Roswell.

Roswell is the site where the strawberry milkshake scene, shown off yesterday and in Bethesda’s E3 reveal, takes place. But the latest gameplay covers why BJ is taking a small atom bomb into Roswell in the first place, the action segments before and after, and some of the changes in the latest game.

Having loved The New Order – most people did, it seems, it’s looking like The New Colossus is sticking to much of the same beats. The stealth sections were never my favourite, mind you, so it’ll be interesting to see just how hard Wolfenstein 2 leans on that when it comes out in late October.


    • Problem is I expected nothing from The new order but a bit of a fun on rails shooter. What I got was an absolute glorious and beautifully detailed world to sink hours into

      This has got a lot to live up to!!!

  • Am i seriously getting moderated on all my comments because i said Angry Joe needs to toughen up a bit and stop acting like working 2 weeks out of a month is hard?! Sheeeez people need to catch up with reality!!!

    • Maybe your getting moderated because your a tool ?

      Working 2 weeks out of the year – What an ignorant statement


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