Check Out This Gorgeous Legend Of Zelda Sculpture

GIF: Youtube (Sculpture_Geek)

This Zelda clay sculpture is truly something.

Created by Sculpture Geek on YouTube, the 11 minute shows Link being created from the chest up out of clay. It's fascinating to watch all the fine texturing and details come together, especially if you've got no artistic talent like me.

Seeing the hair be modelled is especially insane, when you consider the amount of effort that goes into the minor textures and layers that make up, well, hair. And then you've got the creation of the ponytail.

Honestly, just watch.

Also, perfect use of Gerudo Valley from Smash. Cracker of a song, that.


    It's so good. It's incredible & I want it. I'm actually dredding 3D printers getting this good, because Craftmenship! & the human Spirit yo! Top Stuff.

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