A Look At Civilization 6’s Newest Civ, Nubia

Firaxis announced the newest faction for Civilization 6 this morning, bringing a new face to the series: the Nubian empire.

Heralded by Amanitore, queen of the Nubians, the faction’s unique unit provides a sizeable early game advantage in the form of a Pitati. The Pitati is basically a better archer, which should be great for anyone who wants to ramp up the size of their empire in the early game.

Along with that, the introduction video also showed off Amanitore’s ability that gives 20% production towards all districts, rising to 40% if there is a Nubian pyramid adjacent to the city centre. On top of that, Nubians get 50% production toward ranged units, meaning they can pump out their OP archers even faster, while mines over strategic resources get an extra production.

Basically, anyone who plays the Nubians will be researching Masonry and then ramping up like no tomorrow. Hopefully the Nubians aren’t as OP as they sound, but we’ll find out when the race goes out to all Civ 6 players. We’re not sure when that’ll happen, because Firaxis didn’t announce a release date, but if the other DLC is any measure then it shouldn’t be too long.


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