Destiny 2 Will Let You Play 'Fully Scored Soccer'

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

The Tower was essential to Destiny: it's where you'd hang out, kick a ball around, and shame people for trying to jump into your dance parties.

The Farm will be one of the new main social spaces in Destiny 2. And most importantly: the soccer ball is back, and you can play "fully scored soccer".

The first thing I noticed was that it's a lot more open, more broad than The Tower, although there's a central area with a vantage point looking into the distance that's a little similar to the view you had from The Tower.

Most importantly: the soccer ball is a proper feature of The Farm. "Our proudest new feature, you can play fully scored soccer with your fellow Guardians while you wait for your strike team to finish digging stuff out of their vault," Ryan Ebenger, a narrative lead at Bungie, said.

Ebenger also noted during the video that "there are little events" and "little activities" that players will be able to unlock. None of those are being shown off yet, although given that the beta is coming out this month (August for those on PC), there's a chance we'll get to see one or two of those then.


    Who even cares about Strikes and Raids when we can play soccer.


      who even cares about FIFA now we've got footy in Destiny? \o/

    adding mini games to lessen the monotony...
    might work.

    As long as there's a fan on the post office roof, I'm happy... ;)

      It doesn't look like the postmaster even has an awning this time around... hope he's waterproof.

    Im calling it now guys....table tennis will be in Destiny 3.

    Actually Im hoping that by Destiny 7, the entire game has just morphed into California Games.

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