A New Way To Play Hollow Knight

Image: ModDB

Hollow Knight is probably one of, if not the indie game of the year so far. It's certainly up there for Metroidvania fans, and it's one of the highest quality games out of Australia in a long, long while.

But what if you don't like running around Hollow Knight with the basic melee attack? What if you'd like to play a different way?

Titled Lightbringer, the mod replaces the default Hollow Knight attack with a ranged offering and adds several new charms to suit. The number of charm slots has been increased by one, while the player's base health has been nerfed by one point to reflect the change in gameplay.

One important difference is that your upwards attack is still a melee one. For everything else, you can chuck a massive sword that looks like it was borrowed from Final Fantasy:

GIF: Kotaku

To install, all you have to do is download the ZIP file from here and extract the Assembly-CSharp.dll file into the \hollow_knight_Data\Managed folder where Hollow Knight is installed. The two .assets files in the ZIP file then go into the \hollow_knight_Data\ folder. Make sure to back everything up, as always, and don't forget to backup your existing save file (located in the \%AppData%\LocalLow\Team Cherry\Hollow Knight folder).

You can stay up to date with the mod over at the official ModDB listing. 753-mods say they'll keep updating the mod every time Hollow Knight gets patched.


    Hnnngg... It's getting harder to wait for the switch version.

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