A Puzzle Game About A Dungeon Delving Dog

Fidel Dungeon Rescue is an upcoming puzzle game about a puppy plunging into dangerous dungeons. You must dispose of enemies using their weaknesses all while never doubling back to a tile you've already touched. It's tricky but adorable. It's this week's indie pick.

Developed by Daniel Benmergui, Jeremías Babini, and Hernán Rozenwasser, Fidel is a fun mix of games like The Binding of Isaac and Crypt of the Necrodancer. On the one hand, it's all about killing baddies and getting items. On the other, you have to carefully watch your movements. Your cute rescue dog moves on a grid and leaves behind a trail that prevents him from doubling back.

It's possible to lock yourself off from crucial pathways and enemies, which makes smart movement essential. If you make mistakes, you can rewind, but Fidel's navigation always feels dangerous.

You can do it, rescue doggo!

While you can face enemies head on and take some damage in the process, every one of them has a special weakness. A dangerous guard might be weak if you can sneak up and attack from behind. A dog-eating plant will wither when its smaller buds are trampled. Moving around the dungeons without locking yourself into a corner is already tricky, but if you want to take out enemies without getting hurt, you'll really have to think about your next move. Or even your next five moves.

Fidel's initial difficulty hurdle is intimidating. It's very easy to get killed if you fail to exploit weaknesses, though there is fun to be had in discovering the best way to proceed. However, as I pressed further into the game's dungeons, Fidel felt like a great brain teaser that I'll continue to explore. Besides, who doesn't love a brave dungeon dog?

Fidel Dungeon Rescue releases on August 1st for Windows and OSX.


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